Inang nakaranas ng post-partum depression, ipinaampon ang anak!

Live-in partners Laila and Emer went to the news program of Raffy Tulfo to seek help about their current situation.

Laila recently gave birth to her child. But due to experiencing a post-partum depression, Laila gave the child up for adoption.

But now that she’s back to her senses, she wanted to have her child back.

During that time, Emer did not have any idea of what Laila did. When he got home from work, Laila and their child was nowhere in sight so he called her. Laila told him that she had their baby but she was not saying their whereabouts.

Laila was already talking to her friend, Queenie, that she wanted to give the child away.

Queenie told her that she should talk to her husband first before doing her serious decision but Laila told her that Emer did not have to know this because she was sure that her partner would hit her.

According to Emer, there were times that he would pinch Laila on her face to the point of bruising her. Tulfo immediately reprimanded him for this.

When Tulfo called Queenie, she said that the child was not with her. She said it was already given to someone who wanted to adopt the child.

Tulfo asked if there was money involved and Queenie said that they were given PHP15,000.

Laila said that the money was still with Queenie.

Tulfo said that they could be sent behind bars because of this if not settled for this is a case of human trafficking.

Tulfo asked them to go to their studio immediately and return the child to which Queenie responded that they’re already on their way.

But during the interview, the staff found out that Laila posted on Facebook saying that her child was missing, when in fact, she was the one who gave the child away.

Laila admitted that she lied before about the situation because of fear. She said that her live-in partner threatened to send her behind bars.

Emer said that he was controlled by his emotions because of what Laila did to their child that’s why he was able to say those words.

Tulfo said that she shouldn’t have done this because people might think that the child was taken away without their knowledge.

Tulfo also called out Emer for threatening his partner instead of giving her emotional support.

After a while, Queenie together with Luz, the other neighbor who also knew what happened, arrived. They discussed about the matter together with the child’s parents and Tulfo.

Watch the full video here and find out if Laila got her child back.

Source: Youtube

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