Parody Video ng 3-Anyos na Batang Sinaktan ng Madrasta, Umani ng Samu’t-Saring Batikos sa Netizens!

Violence, be it inflicted on women, children, or men should never be a source of laughter or ridicule. The fact that someone was subjected to too much cruelty is something that we should take seriously.

Physical violence victims do not just suffer from physical injuries but mostly psychological and emotional burden. Most of them suffer from trauma even after their injuries are healed as the traumatic experience hunts them every now and them.

Some of them even experiences panic attack even if the cruelty happened for a long time ago, that is why it is very crucial to make fun of such violence victims and we should be sensitive enough when this kind of topic is brought up.

These past few weeks, our social media newsfeeds are filled with posts concerning a 3-year-old innocent child whose face is filled with bruises due to the alleged maltreatment of her stepmother.





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In the viral video of the Baby MJ, she could be heard repeatedly blaming her stepmother, Berna Espina as the one responsible for her heavily bruised face. The said video drew flak from netizens and even got the attention of mainstream media and local authorities.

A week after it went viral on social media, another video which is obviously similar to Baby MJ’s viral video is going rounds on social media. The video posted by Facebook page Hashtag MJ is obviously a parody of Baby MJ’s viral clip which is done for comedic purposes.

In the 3-minute clip, a man with an exaggerated makeup around his eyes as bruise could be seen imitating Baby MJ especially the way she says “A-bog-bog Berna” which means that her stepmother allegedly subjected her to physical violence.

Of course, the video will not be complete without the accused Berna who is played by another man seated next to the Baby MJ wanna-be and the interviewer behind the camera whose voice plays a huge role in asking Baby MJ the vital questions that leads to pointing Berna as the culprit.

Although a huge number of netizens laugh upon the said parody video, others could not help but call out the attention of the page administrator and the video actors and makers and said that what Baby MJ experienced should not be a source of laughing matter.




Watch the video below and be the judge:

Abogbog nga sabi eh😑

Posted by Nicole Cemania on Sunday, August 19, 2018



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