WATCH: Mala-teleseryeng pag-aagawan sa kustodiya ng batang ito, inaksyunan ni Raffy Tulfo

If you think complicated stories complete with fake documents only happens in movie and television series, then you should see how veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo took action in the complicated life of 5-year-old Zsanna Mary whose custody is being rivaled by two different parties.

Zsanna’s aunt, Anna Rosa Isanan first seeks the help of Tulfo to be able to get the custody of her niece who is currently under the care of her former partner Zoilha Emen.  Anna argued that she has the right to Zsanna since she is a blood-relative and her brother, Bobby Rama, entrusted him to look after his daughter.

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She said that they never signed any adaption papers or any documents entrusting Zsanna’s custody to Zoiha but the latter would often refuse to give them back the little girl.

When the program contacted Zoilha, she denied all the accusation and said that she is willing to surrender Zsanna but the little girl is refusing to join Anna due to the alleged maltreatment like letting her sleep outside the house during the wee hours of the night.

“Binibigay ko po, ang bata ayaw sumama kasi nga po nagsumbong sa akin yung bata, pinapatulog daw po siya sa labas,” Zoilah said.

“Pag nag-aaway daw po ‘yan saka yung bago niyang kinakasama niya ngayon, pinapaalis daw sila at pinapatulog sila sa labas,” she added.

An allegation that Anna strongly denied and said: “Hindi po totoo ‘yan sir, mamatay man ako sir! Papayagan ko ba sir, kadugo ko, matutulog kami sa labas na yung sa labas naming puro parking? Kilala kita Zoilah, gagawin mo lahat para sa bata! Gagawin mong sinungaling yung bata!” Anna said.

When Zoilha visited Tulfo’s show together with Zsanna, she revealed that the little girl confessed to her that she is not happy under Anna’s house. When Tulfo asked Zsanna why, she said that they let her sleep outside since the people in the house since they are always fighting.

“Tutulog po sa labas… eh parati silang nag-aaway eh! Kasama ko po si Dada (Anna)!” Zsanna said.

Zoilha also revealed that Anna faked Zsanna’s birth certificate and put Anna’s name as Zsanna’s biological mother.




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