Lalaki, hiniwalayan ang misis dahil hindi nito nabigay ang gusto niyang amplifier!

A husband of an OFW resorted to Raffy Tulfo’s public service program to appeal to his wife he had left and ask her to get back to him.

Teofilo dela Cruz sent his wife, Paulina dela Cruz, away after a misunderstanding between them.

According to Teofilo, his wife oftentimes go out without telling him her whereabouts. Paulina also failed on showing Teofilo her savings and her personal documents such as passport and visa.

When Paulina returned to the country last December 2017, she and Teofilo stayed at a hotel. According to him, he asked Paulina about the amplifier she promised him.

The amplifier would be used for Teofilo’s sound system business.

Instead of answering him, the scene escalated quickly with Paulina asking him, “Mahal mo ba ako o hindi?”

Teofilo was confused by the question but answered “Mahal kita kasi asawa kita e.”

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After that, Paulina walked away. Teofilo chased her. But when she returned, she was already accompanied by two security personnel.

According to him, his wife even threatened to put him behind bars.

Teofilo challenged her to do so because he was confident that he did not do anything to her at all.

There was also an instance when his wife burned her own clothes and her children’s.

The husband got mad and sent them away.

But now, he wanted to fix everything with his wife for the sake of their marriage and their four children.

Tulfo called Paulina to further clarify the problem.

According to Paulina, her husband evicted her from their house because she was not able to give him the PHP60,000 he needed for the said amplifier.

Paulina was offended by the fact that his husband seemed to be more interested in his amplifier than her arrival. He even wanted to rent a car to fetch them from the airport which Paulina found absurd and costly.

But the worst thing that his husband did was to post a status on Facebook saying that his wife was already gone after the typhoon in their area.

Teofilo admitted that he did it out of anger because Paulina failed to sent them money.

Paulina blocked him on Facebook so he posted that fake announcement to make her wife resurface.

Tulfo reprimanded him about this saying that Teofilo did not have the right to complain about his wife when it was actually him who was problematic in their relationship.

Paulina also felt that her husband already lost respect for her. His husband often say that she sent only a small amount of money. He even accused her of engaging in affairs with men during her day-off.

For Paulina, being separated with her husband was the best option for them.

Find out what Teofilo did next. Watch the full video here:


Source: Youtube

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