Lalaki, pinerahan lamang ng kanyang girlfriend; 3 milyon at kotse, natangay!

Glendo Dumanacal, an OFW, resorted to the radio program of Raffy Tulfo to complain about his girlfriend who benefited greatly from his money yet still managed to have an affair with an ambulance driver.

Both Glendo and his former girlfriend, Connie, work abroad. When Connie decided to resign from her job and return to the country, she relied on Glendo for financial support.

According to Glendo, he had sent a minimum amount of PHP23,000 or more to Connie monthly, from 2007 until 2014. Aside from this, he also purchased a car for them.

According to his computation, Connie benefited an estimated amount of PHP 3 million pesos from him.

Glendo sent her money and helped her purchased the car for the both of them as a preparation for their supposed plans of settling down together in the future.

But as it turned out, Connie found another man while Glendo was away.

The man is an ambulance driver who happened to be the same person who taught Connie how to drive as per recommended by her sister.

Glendo said that aside from Connie, he was also supporting her two children from her former husband. He said that the children were studying in an exclusive school.

He and Connie do not have kids of their own.

Aside from this, before Connie went back to Saudi, she asked Glendo to shoulder the responsibility of sending money to her parents for the meantime.

Despite all the sacrifices and financial support that Glendo provided for the woman and her family, Connie still found the audacity to tell him,

“May karapatan kang magpadala sa akin at sa mga bata dahil nagsama tayo. Pero wala kang karapatan kung ano ang gagawin ko.”

Glendo appealed to the program to ask his former girlfriend to give him his money back, but Tulfo frankly told him that it would be really hard to do so especially without any written agreement or contract.

Even the car was not named after him but after Connie’s father.

Tulfo told him that there’s really not much he can do about this problem.

But aside from Glendo’s conflict with his ex-girlfriend, he also had an issue with Connie’s other man, Melecio who threatened to end him given that the man is actually a hitman.

Tulfo called Major Albert Tare, PNP Chief of Police of Tagoloan Misamis Oriental, to confirm Melecio’s identity.

Major Tare said that it was not true, and Melecio actually has a clean record.

The program tried to contact Connie to get her side but she did not pick up the call.

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