Mag-Iinang Inabanduna ng Padre de Pamilya, Inahon sa Hirap ni Idol Raffy!

We grew up believing that the family’s patriarch should be the main provider of the family while the mother stays at home and manage the house while looking after the kids. But sometimes, due to poverty, mothers nowadays are also helping to generate income in order to provide all the needs of the family.

There is really nothing wrong with a working mother, women nowadays are more empowered to flex their muscles and do what just the head of the family can do; work hard to build their family’s future and make sure they have everything day need on a daily basis.

But what if instead of working hand-in-hand to establish the family, the family’s patriarch vanished out of nowhere? This is the ordeal faced by a mother of four who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo after her husband left their family behind.

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According to Lory Copiat, her live-in partner Roldan Cortez just vanished one day, he said he will just go to work but didn’t come back and has been missing in action for a few days now.

His sudden lost leave them in hunger and debt, Lory was forced to close her small canteen business as she already spends off all her savings for the needs of their four children.

Good thing, her two elder sons are responsible enough to help her, one helps her in washing the dishes in the canteen while the other is looking after their youngest sibling while Lory is busy at the canteen.

When Tulfo asked the eldest to give a message to his father, he almost broke down in tears and said: “Pa, uwi ka na dito! Wala na kaming makain dito, wala na rin pambili ng gatas.”

The program tried contacting Roldan’s taxi operator, but one of the staff said that he last worked for them on April 14, 2018, and does not have an idea of his whereabouts.

Because of this, Tulfo vowed to give Lory enough funds for her canteen business so she could generate income by herself and establish her kids despite Roldan’s absence.

After a few days when Lory visited the studio, Tulfo’s team came to surprise her with a canteen package complete with tables & chairs, kitchen materials, dining cutleries, and of course a few amounts as her business capital.






Watch the heartwarming story below:



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