Mga empleyado ng restaurant sa Baler, inireklamo ang kanilang amo na hindi umano nagpapasweldo nang tama at nagbibigay ng benepisyo!

A group of complainants comprising of waiters, waitresses, and cooks resorted to the program of Raffy Tulfo to complain about the owner of Yellow Pin Bar and Restaurant, the place they were working at.

The complainants said their daily salary is only PHP250 per day when the minimum wage in Baler, Aurora is PHP264.

Aside from their below minimum wage, the employees also do not have any benefits like SSS or PhilHealth. The employees also do not have any idea if they were being given a service charge.

One employee said that they were given two pesos for every bottle of drink they would sell.

Tulfo called Shelly Pioquid, the manager of the said bar and restaurant, to discuss about the issue.

The manager said that the management were already working on the issue of the employees but they cannot finalize any decision yet since the owner was not present during that time.

But Pioquid said that they were already starting to pay the employees the minimum wage ever since they voiced out their concerns.

But one of the employees said that they were working 10 to 12 hours a day but they weren’t given an overtime pay, to which Pioquid denied saying that the employees were being paid right.

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Another employee said that when she started working back in 2013, her working hours was from 12 midnight to 12 noon. It was only in 2015, when she began working for only 8 hours.

During the time in which she worked for 12 hours a day, she was not given any overtime pay and her salary was only PHP3,000 a month.

Tulfo talked to Pioquid and said that the employees should be given a back pay for the times that they weren’t paid in the past.

The employee said that her SSS benefit only started 9 months after she started working, in which she gets PHP4,500. Her salary slowly increased until it became PHP7,500 but the written salary on her SSS was still PHP4,500.

Tulfo asked the management to immediately resolve the issue.

Pioquid asked the employees to wait until the owner of the establishment arrived.

But one employee said that they already met the owner the previous week. He said that the owner already had the money and was ready to distribute them. However, the employees did not yet approved of the management’s computation being offered to them.

Tulfo called Antonio Sicat, OIC, Senior Labor and Employment Officer of DOLE Aurora to asked him to be the one responsible in helping the employees for the computation.

But as it turned out, one employee stated that the unapproved computation was actually made by DOLE and Sicat himself.

Find out what happened next.


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