WATCH: Mga PWD, Inireklamo Ang Mga Perwisyong Askal Sa Kanilang Lugar Pati Narin ang Barangay Chairman na Dedma Sakanilang mga Hinaing!

Filipinos are known pet lovers to the point that we treat our pets like one of our family members that is why when they got hurt, we immediately take action as they are very dear to us. Filipinos love for pets know no boundaries, from pure breed down to stray dogs, we all have that soft spot for pets and even treat them like our own child.

But being a pet lover and owner also entails a responsibility to look after the welfare of your pet, make sure they are well fed and living in a safe and comfortable environment fit for their wellbeing. Being a responsible pet owner also includes making sure that your pet is not causing inconvenience to other people especially the ones in your neighborhood.

In the Philippines, stray dogs also known as “askal” (asong kalye) is already a common sight in almost all the communities, these are pets that do not have home or were not properly taken care of by their humans leading them to live in the street and cause hassle to other people.

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Just like the complaint of this two person with disability (PWD) men who seek the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to finally put an end to the inconvenience caused by stray dogs in their village.

Romel Agara and Gudencio Marasigan who lived in Barangay Escopa 3, Gawad Kalinga PWD Village in Quezon City said that these stray dogs have been causing trouble in their community for the past ten years already.

The two massage therapists said that some of the residents were bitten by stray dogs while others would accidentally step on some dog feces and bring the stinky waste to their work since most of the residents are blind and were not able to avoid the dog poop on the ground.

“Kasi yung mga aso lalo pag gabi, pinakakawalan nila. Bukod doon sa ingay tapos dumudumi, eh di natatapakan namin, so ‘yun po ang concern namin. Lahat po sana ng aso doon sa compound namin ay mahuli, matanggal!” Gudencio said.

“Kasi po yung ibang may-ari ng aso kahit ano pong reklamo namin, para mga bingi lang po na hindi kami pinakikinggan, ayaw po makipag-cooperate,” he added

They repeatedly reported these complain to their Barangay Chairman, but for the past 10 years, the chairman is not taking action and would often put the blame to City Hall employees who are not responding to their complaints.

Because of this, Tulfo contacted Quezon City Hall City Admin Aldrin Cuna and suggest letting the City Vet or City Pound visit the barangay and immediately take action to the problem of the PWDs.

Although Cuna takes full responsibility on the problem, he said that it is also the Barangay’s mandate to have their own Barangay Pound that should handle stray pet problems.

Cuna vowed to coordinate the problem with the City Veterinary Department so they could conduct an immediate operation to finally wipe out all stray dogs which are causing inconvenience in the area.

Tulfo, on the other hand, slammed that Barangay Chairman who keeps neglecting the ongoing problems concerning stray dogs in their community.

“Sana one of these days ang akin panalangin, si Chairman ay makagat! Seryoso po ako. Kasi hanggat hindi sila nakakagat ang sinasabi lang nila bukas pupunta sa City Hall, ang daming palusot! Pero kung nakagat na ang isa sa kanila, aba’y aaksyon ‘yan!”





Watch the full story below:



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