WATCH: OFW inireklamo ang kababuyang namamagitan sa kaniyang asawa at sariling kapatid!

There is nothing more painful than being fooled or cheated on by the love of your life, you will start to be furious, feel self-pity, and even question your self-worth. But what’s worst is when you discover that the love of your life is actually having an affair with your own sibling!

Just when we thought that this kind of plot stories only happens in TV series and movies, Taiwan-based Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Ellen Paa’s experience will prove that this kind of horrible infidelity could actually happen in real life.

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According to Ellen, she filed an emergency leave and fly back home just to fix this marital problem with her husband, Ferdinand Paa however, the latter kept denying the accusation.

Apparently, Ellen discovered Ferdinand having an illicit affair with her own sister, Tessie Lloren after their own son, CJ caught them doing explicit activities inside the car.

CJ told her mother that he caught both Ferdinand and Tessie inside the car while it is suspiciously moving in place, and later on, he saw his own father dressing up at the back to the car which leads him to conclude that they are actually having sex inside the car.

Aside from that, Ellen also caught Ferdinand sending cellphone load to Tessie while Tessie is also intentionally sending her their exchange of messages.

“’Di ba sinabihan na kita tigilan niyo na ‘yan kasi kababuyan ‘yan kasi kababuyan yan, nakinig ka ba sa’kin? Hinde! Sabi mo pa ‘sige lalayuan ko’ pero bakit noong nasa airport pa lang ako palitan na kayo ng text messages ‘miss na miss na kita honey, bu-bwelo na tayo, wala na yung sagabal’ ano yun?”

Ellen narrated that she even recommended Tessie at Ferdinand’s workplace, little did she know that this recommendation will lead to an illicit affair.

When the program contacted Ferdinand, he denied all the accusation and even said that he is currently at home doing laundry. Ferdinand also suggested fixing the problem in private and said that their son is probably lying.

When the program contacted the 17-year-old CJ, he narrated that after a drinking session he saw his father went inside the car followed by her Auntie Tessie.

 “Napansin po namin yung kotse umuuyog, nung sinilip po namin nakita namin silang dalawa magkasama!” CJ said.

Since Ferdinand is not showing any signs of remorse, Ellen said that she is willing to file a case against both her husband and sister and asked Tulfo’s help to get both of them fired in their jobs.


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