Tangkang Panloloob ng Akyat-Bahay, Huli sa CCTV!

Technology advancement can both be a blessing and bad luck in our lives; blessing as it helps simplify our day-to-day activities and making everything possible and easy at our fingertips, but it could bring bad luck if you are one of those who falls victim to those scams that are using technology advancement to take advantage of other people.

One of the major technological advancement that made a huge impact on our lives is the closed-circuit television (CCTV). Through these spy cameras, we were able to monitor the safety of our homes and establishment; through the help of CCTV cameras, it is also now easy for our law enforcement to caught illegal activities and identifies the suspects that responsible for it and uses it as evidence against them.

Just like this viral video of a resident in Dasmariñas, Cavite whose home CCTV camera saved their home and family from being robbed by a culprit.

According to the house owner Mario Maligad, a Deputy Jail Warden of Carmona Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP), their house was almost robbed last 21st of August, good he noticed that the spy camera outside spotted the robber and suddenly changed its angle to further capture his attempt to break inside the house.

Maligad then decided to closely monitor the CCTV footage and witnessed how the offender who was later on identified as Michael Cuaresma tried to silently open heir door. After a few minutes of monitoring the CCTV, Maligad immediately called the authorities for back up to catch the culprit.

In another CCTV angle inside their house, it could be seen that Maligad and the Cuaresma almost came across each other near the main door but when the homeowner lit his flashlight, the culprit attempted to escape and even tried to hit the Maligad with the sharp blade he has at hand.

Good thing, the Deputy Jail Warden came prepared with his revolver and fired a shot near the robber. The homeowner was able to corner the culprit who immediately surrendered pleaded not to shoot him.

After a few minutes, several security guards came to rescue and were able to recover a knife and sharp blade weapon from the suspect.

Cuaresma explained that he only decided to rob the house in a desperate move to have funds for his child who is still at the hospital. The suspect is now under the custody of the police facing frustrated murder and attempted murder charges.






Watch the full report below:

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