Lalaking ikinalat ang pribadong larawan ng kanyang nobya dahil hindi nito natustusan ang kanyang pagsusugal!

A female complainant approached Ben Tulfo’s public service program “BITAG-Kilos Pronto” to file a complaint against her ex-boyfriend who leaked her private photos.

According to the complainant, her ex-boyfriend did this to her because he said that she left him hanging and she refused to give into his demands like lending him money to spend on his betting and wagering escapades.

The complainant decided to break up with the man but her ex-boyfriend did not want to.

She said that the man asked her to send her private photos so he would not get mad and got them into a fight.

Tulfo immediately asked his staff to coordinate with the authorities for the apprehension of the perpetrator.

BITAG-Kilos Pronto coordinated with the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO).

Regional Director, Gen. Lorenzo Eleazar assigned the Regional Special Operations Unit (RSOU) to handle the case.

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The operative proceeded on the planning the operation.

The plan was to set-up the suspect, RJ Velasquez.

Velasquez was waiting in a place near the gaming house he oftentimes go to located somewhere in Pasay City.

The victim met with Velasquez. They talked for a while. Velasquez was even seen embracing the victim.

From there, two officers wearing casual clothing as a cover approached them, handcuffed, and apprehended the suspect.

The moment they reached the police station, the complainant could not contain her anger anymore and showed aggression towards Velasquez. The victim continued to voiced out her anger towards the person she once trusted.

The latter could not do anything but hide his face in shame.

Tulfo arrived in the station and talked to the suspect.

Velasquez stated that the two of them met through a dating app. That time he was not aware that the woman already has kids. He said that he was planning to get serious with the woman but when he found out about that, he felt like he was deceived.

Tulfo told him that Velasquez thinks too highly of himself.

He defended the woman saying that she probably hid the truth out of love. But it does not give Velasquez the right to take advantage of the woman’s weakness.

Tulfo accused him of using someone just to provide his needs, specifically his gaming house habit. He went on his way to blackmailing her ex-girlfriend and sending her private photos to her sibling. He also threatened her that he will leaked her private photos to her school.

Velasquez tried to defend himself but Tulfo told him that there’s no right amount of reasoning he could do to turn around his wrong doings.

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