Ina inireklamo ang dating live-in partner na ayaw ibalik ang kanilang anak sa kanya!

A mother approached the program of Raffy Tulfo to ask for help in getting the custody of her 5-year old child from her former live-in partner.

Marjorie Betchaida said that the child was currently with Erick Mojica, her former live-in partner. She said that the last time they spoke was back in January.

Marjorie was trying to get her child because she wanted to send her son back to the pediatrician because of the wound on his mouth.

But Erick said that the child was in good condition. He also refused to give the child back to her saying that Marjorie’s family liked to meddle with their own affair.

Tulfo called Erick to clarify the problem. He asked the two to talk their problems out.

Marjorie begged Erick to give their child back to her because her son needs to go to school. But Erick still refused to give in.

Marjorie said that they had an agreement that they would take turns in taking care of the child. She said that she was lending Erick the child, but the latter now refused to do the same.

She argued that they should’ve brought the child back to the pediatrician, instead, Erick and his family just let it as it is.

Erick said that they didn’t neglect the child.

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Tulfo asked Erick to give the child back but Erick said no because she allegedly cheated on him.

Marjorie admit that she already had a new partner.

Tulfo emphasized that they were not married in the first place so Erick does not have any right to file a complaint if Marjorie already had a new husband because they do not have a marriage certificate.

Tulfo added that the two of them have their own life now and it’s not Erick’s business anymore if Marjorie is already with a new live-in partner. Tulfo accused him of using this excuse just so he could keep their child.

Tulfo called Cecil Tacon from the Social Welfare Office of Quezon City. He asked Tacon to immediately implement the law that the custody of a child below 7 years old should go the mother.

Tacon asked the mother to go to their office so they could accompany them in getting the child.

Tulfo proceeded in contacting Sr. Insp. Joanna Santos from the Women and Children’s Protection Desk of the Quezon City Police Department (QCPD). He asked them to accompany the mother together with the MSWD to Erick’s house in case Erick and his family resisted on giving the child to Marjorie.

Santos accepted the request and asked Marjorie to drop by their office.

The two parties had a heated conversation once they’ve reached the police station.

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