Matalik na kaibigan, kinulam ang kaibigang buntis dahil sa selos!

We live in a very traditional country. At this modern time, many of us still adhere to primitive beliefs, especially those who reside in the rural areas.

We cannot deny that Filipinos are very superstitious. Though some had learned to be skeptic about these, some still believe in these superstitions because it serves as a warning in our daily activities.

In addition to this, Filipinos have a strange fascination towards the unknown and unexplained. We cannot always expect science to provide us plausible explanation about everything. Thus, we developed a huge interest in paranormal things.

An example of this is the subject of witchcraft.

A pregnant woman suffered from an immense and unexplainable pain. They believed that she fell victim of a bad spell.

A video went viral after it was posted on the internet.

A healer or a quack doctor was face-to-face with the pregnant woman. The woman really looked like she was not in a good condition.

The healer performed an enchantment to summon the paranormal entity responsible with the woman’s suffering. He asked the entity to possess the woman’s body so they could communicate with each other.

The woman seemed like she entered a state of trance. After a while, the person inside the woman’s body was not hers anymore.

The healer talked to the entity and asked it some questions. After a heated confrontation, the entity finally revealed who was responsible for the pregnant woman’s unexplainable pain.

They found out that the woman’s best friend orchestrated the witchcraft out of jealousy.

The healer did everything to inflict harm on the entity. He frequently pressed his fingers on the woman’s various body parts like her neck, especially her stomach.

This gesture corresponds to the healer inflicting pain towards the entity which possessed the body of the pregnant woman. He did it for a couple of times throughout the duration of the ritual.

The woman was seen struggling from the healer’s touch. It seemed like the entity inside her was really in pain.

The healer continued to communicate with the entity. He asked the entity to undo all the enchantments and spells she casted upon the pregnant woman.

The entity asked for the woman’s forgiveness. In the end, the healer was able to remove the entity from the woman’s body.


After the ritual, the woman looked disheveled and disoriented. But it also seemed like the ritual did really work.

Netizens shared their sentiments about the video.

Some of them sympathized with the pregnant woman’s condition. They said that the ritual itself looked painful and they hope that the woman did not get hurt during the process.

Other netizens said that the woman’s best friend did something very wrong and she deserved what happened to her during the ritual.

Watch the full video

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Source: TNPmedia

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