WATCH: Lady Guard, ayaw bayaran at payagang mag-resign ng kanyang ahente, Inireklamo kay Ben Tulfo!

A lady guard resorted to Ben Tulfo’s program, “BITAG-Kilos Pronto” to complain about what was happening in her job.

Via Dagojoy wanted to appeal to her security agency, Valencia Security Investigation Agency. Dagojoy already resigned from the company because her salary was not given yet. Aside from that, she found out that her SSS, PAG-IBIG, and PhilHealth is empty.

Tulfo interviewed Lanie Bautista, Admin Officer of the said agency regarding Dagojoy’s case.

Tulfo asked why the agency wouldn’t let Dagojoy resign, instead would consider it as AWOL. He argued that Dagojoy has a good reason to resign given the unfair compensation she was getting.

Bautista stated that what happened was that the officer-in-charge of the post-in called her looking for Dagojoy who did not go to work that day. When she called Dagojoy, she said that she would just go to the office because she was getting a medical examination that time.

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When Dagojoy arrived at the office, she brought with her a resignation letter.

The operation manager advised her to give them a 15-day allowance to find a replacement.

Dagojoy said that the agency has a lot of lady guards that’s why the client itself already gave Dagojoy a clearance.

She asked the officer-in-charge to sign her documents but the OIC refused to.

Bautista argued that that was the way it should be because her resignation was not done yet. She said that Dagojoy promised them to finish the duration of her last duty but failed to do so.

Tulfo said that they shouldn’t force an employee to work against her will especially that she had a good reason to leave the job.

Bautista said that the problem was Dagojoy promising that she would still go on duty. She said that the manning made by the OIC became conflicted because of Dagojoy who failed to comply to.

Dagojoy said that she went on duty but she was not allowed to work during night time because she was ruining the schedule. She was then put on the morning shift but she had to work for 36 hours straight.

Tulfo reprimanded Bautista about this because it is very unfair to employees like Dagojoy who has a child to attend to.

Tulfo asked the agency to let Dagojoy go.

Bautista asked Dagojoy to go to their office for the release of her last salary.

The next day, the staff of BITAG-Kilos Pronto accompanied Dagojoy to the agency’s office to claim the salary they promised her.

At first, the management seemed to be refusing the said agreement saying that their agency also had other things to pay.

But in the end, they told her to compute her salary just to be done.

Dagojoy successfully claimed her salary and backpay.

Watch the full video here.


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