Manuel de Leon, Jr. approached the program of Raffy Tulfo to seek help in getting back his 13-year old daughter from his ‘bilas’ who brought her child to Rosales, Pangasinan.

According to de Leon, his ‘bilas’ and his daughter have a relationship.

At first, de Leon did not have any idea about the said relationship even though it was already ongoing back in 2016. He said that his ‘bilas’ covered the truth by pretending that he just like treating the 13-year old as his own child.

The man was generous in giving gifts such as cellphone and money to his child. De Leon thinks that this was the reason why his daughter became attracted to him.

The said man is Wilmer Lacaden, 41 years of age. His wife and De Leon’s are sisters.

Tulfo’s resident co-host, Niña Taduran, called Lacaden to clarify the matter.

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According to de Leon, Lacaden impregnated his daughter.

Lacaden confirmed that the girl was indeed pregnant with his child. He denied that he eloped with the girl and forcefully took her to Pangasinan. She said that the minor came with him voluntarily.

Taduran said that it still did not give him the right to took the child with her.

Tulfo who was currently in Chicago, Illinois that time talked to the authorities via phone patch.

He asked Major Ador Tayag of Rosales, Pangasinan Police to rescue the 13-year old minor and apprehend Lacaden immediately.

Tulfo reprimanded Lacaden for his action. He said that he should surrender the child immediately. Lacaden said that he had a plan on doing so but the child herself did not want to leave him.

Tulfo said that the man might have already brainwashed the girl.

He immediately instructed his staff to accompany De Leon to Rosales, Pangasinan to retrieve his daughter. The program team did not waste any second and drove off to the said location.

They went straight to the police station to discuss the matter. Together with the PNP and MSWD, they convinced Angelica, the minor involved, to come home with her father but the girl refused to.

Angelica started crying while clinging onto Lacaden.

De Leon got mad and confronted Lacaden about what he did to his daughter. He even pulled out his belt in the hopes of threatening Lacaden.

The scene escalated to the social worker and De Leon trying to pull Angelica away from Lacaden.

Angelica refused to let go of Lacaden and continued crying.

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Source: Youtube

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