Ginang, Inireklamo Ang Dating Kinakasama Na Ayaw Pa Ring Umalis Sa Kanyang Bahay!

Analyn Ledesma resorted to the program of Raffy Tulfo to complain about her live-in partner who refused to leave her home despite her many attempts on asking him to do so.

Ledesma said that she owns the house they were staying so she has the right to evict her former live-in partner from it. But the latter refused to and instead, asked Ledesma to leave, saying that he owns the house and he has the right to bring women with him.

Aside from that, he even told Ledesma that if she’s going to leave him, she must give him PHP25,000 as to not make him look wretched.

Tulfo was amused by how the said man seemed very shameless.

Tulfo called the former live-in partner, Victoriano Pelletero, Jr.

He stated that he did not want to leave the house because he find no reason in doing so. He said that he was not doing anything wrong.

When Tulfo asked him if he has a job, Pelletero said he worked for 8 months in a factory but he lost interest in working when Ledesma got involved in lending.

Tulfo asked to whom the rights of the house was named after. Pelletero said that it was named after him and Ledesma. But Ledesma said that nothing was named after Pelletero. It was she and her father who bought the house.

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Ledesma got mad and blurted out everything that Pelletero did in their relationship. She said that Pelletero verbally mistreated her.

Aside from that, the said job that Pelletero was boasting about did not help her at all. She said that it was only Pelletero who benefited from his own earnings. He also failed to give money for their child’s milk. Even his own transportation money, Pelletero still relied on Ledesma.

In addition to that, Ledesma ransomed Pelletero from the people hunting him for PHP1,700. The said people were Pelletero’s source of illegal stimulant.

Tulfo threatened him that if he won’t leave the house by Monday, Tulfo would do the necessary action.

Pelletero suddenly begged for Ledesma to change her mind. He even repeatedly said that he loves her.

But Ledesma said that she had enough of him. She said that her only business would be her children.

Tulfo called Chief Supt. Guillermo Eleazar, Director of NCRPO, to ask for help regarding Pelletero’s situation.

Eleazar said that they are willing to conduct an operation to apprehend Pelletero.

The staff of the program together with the PNP, accompanied Ledesma back to their house.

Pelletero was nowhere to be found.

“Wala na ho. Umalis na!” said Ledesma after searching the whole house.

Ledesma threw the things that Pellestero left in the river, threatening him to never come back because she won’t hesitate to call the police.

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