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Aileen Fuentes resorted to the program of Raffy Tulfo to complain about her husband who verbally maltreated her by calling her “bayaran.”

She said that this was caused by the rumors spreading against her. Even her husband’s mother talk bad things behind her back.

Aileen’s husband was an OFW. Back when he was abroad, her husband would often threaten her. She said that he threatened to end her life the moment he returned to the country. He also said that he would complain about her in Tulfo’s program, saying that he already called the show and had a scheduled appointment.

Tulfo clarified that their program do not accept phone calls from complainants, instead, they should queue in line and wait for screening and processing.

For a fair judgment, Tulfo also called Jerwin Fuentes, Aileen’s husband.

Jerwin said that he left the country in 2014. Come 2015, he found out that her wife was pregnant with another man’s child. He said that he still gave her the chance.

But Jerwin said that their eldest child could attest to her mother’s unfaithfulness.

Jerwin gave the phone to his son and let him talk to Tulfo. The child tattled his mother saying that he saw her sleeping beside her alleged other man named Dante.

Tulfo clarified the issue to Aileen. She admitted that she indeed got pregnant with another man’s child. When Tulfo asked her if the child was Dante’s, she said that it was with another man.

Tulfo said that if that was the case, Jerwin had a good reason to be mad at her.

Aileen reasoned that though Jerwin forgave her for what he did, he still kept on bringing up the issue.

Tulfo asked when did the situation with Dante happened. Jerwin said that it was just this year.

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Jerwin also stated that Aileen often denied about the rumors on her relationship with another man, but Jerwin doubted her saying that if they weren’t in a relationship, why would Aileen bring Dante to Mindoro twice.

Tulfo said that he understood where Jerwin was coming from but said that the threats against Aileen were not necessary and he should stop doing so. If he wanted to end their relationship, he should do it without verbally mistreating her.

Jerwin responded that he also got a threat from Aileen.

Aileen denied.

Jerwin said that it was only Aileen who knew his number.

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