PWD na tumayong ina ng isang bata sa loob ng sampung taon, nanawagan na ipakita muli sa kanya ang inalagaan matapos itong kunin ng totoong ina!

Annaliza Austria approached the action center of Raffy Tulfo’s program to seek help regarding her situation.

Annaliza is a person with disability (PWD) but she did not asked for help regarding her condition; instead, she wanted the program to help her find Stephanie, the child that she took care for 10 years after her biological mother left her under the custody of Annaliza.

After all those years that Annaliza spent wholeheartedly taking care of a child that is not hers in the first place, Glorie Valerie Velasco, Stephanie’s biological mother, had the audacity to pay no gratitude to her efforts.

Instead, Valerie took the child away from Annaliza and took off. Annaliza was not able to see the child again ever since.

According to Annaliza’s story, Stephanie was just 2 weeks old when the child’s irresponsible biological mother handed the child to her.

Valerie asked Annaliza to take care of the child because she cannot do it.

Valerie was still a Nursing Student studying at Fatima College during that time and couldn’t handle the responsibility of being a mother.

It seemed like Valerie gave more importance to her reputation than her own child.

Valerie kept her child as a secret to her family and friends because she was afraid of the humiliation it might bring to her life.

Annaliza wholeheartedly took care of the child for 10 years and treated her as if Stephanie is her own daughter. Valerie supports her financially on the sideline.

But what broke her heart was when Valerie suddenly took the child away from her. Annaliza said that she was not even given the chance to see the child for one last time or even talked to Stephanie through the phone.

Valerie already blocked Annaliza on Facebook, making Annaliza totally lost contact with Stephanie.

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She went to the action center to beg for Valerie to let her see the child again and at least spent some time with her because she already grew attached to Stephanie after years of fulfilling the role of a mother to her.

She wished that Valerie would show her mercy and consideration after all her efforts in practically raising the child.

Many netizens symphatized with Annaliza. They saluted her efforts and sacrifices despite not being biologically related to the child. They also wished that Annaliza would be given the chance to reunite with Stephanie. After all, Stephanie was raised under Annaliza’s care so the child might have considered Annaliza to be her mom because the legitimate mother failed to play her part.

Most of them voiced out their disappointment towards the biological mother. They called Valerie ungrateful and “makapal ang mukha.”

Some say that her part as a mother does not stop from just sending financial support to the child. What Annaliza did, nurturing and caring the child, was more important than what Valerie did.

Some understood where Valerie was coming from. They said that Valerie probably did that because she wanted to get emotionally close to her child after all the years she kept her as a secret. But still, they think that this was a very selfish move on Valerie’s part.

Annaliza is still hoping that she would get to see Stephanie again who owns a special place in her heart.


Source: Facebook


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