Special child, sinaktan at hinulog sa creek dahil natangka umanong magnakaw ng manok!

A male teenager in Cebu City was physically maltreated by a group of men after being accused of stealing a chicken.

The incident was caught on camera and was posted on the internet. The video instantly became viral.

According to the sources, the teenager already denied the accusation but it did not stop the men from hurting him.

As seen in the video, a man was holding down the teenager while the other men ganged up against the poor boy.

One man was seen pulling the teeenager’s legs. Another one punched him on the face.

As if the maltreatment was not enough, the other man dragged the teenager by his shorts towards the side of the creek. The boy struggled to free himself from the man’s grasp but failed.

The man then pushed the boy in the murky creek.

Through a phone call, Tulfo interviewed Sr. Insp. Joemar Pomajeros, Commander of Cebu Police Station 3 regarding the incident.

According to Pomajeros, the perpetrators and the victim were already identified. In coordination with the Barangay Captain, the men who harm the teenager would be called to their station.

Meanwhile, they have already contacted the minor’s parents and the father said that they are willing to file a case against the two men involved, with the help of the social workers.

But Pomajeros said that the minor has a record and was already rescued before with regards to a robbery incident where he was the perpetrator himself.

The viral video actually happened about two months ago.

The boy is currently in the custody of a temporary shelter of children who are in conflict with the law.

Whether the boy indeed stole a chicken or not was still unknown.

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Tulfo then called the victim’s grandfather, Edilberto Jipulan, and asked him to immediately go to the police station to finalize the charging of the cases to the two men who were named, JR and Reuel.

According to Jipulan, they did not see a chicken that his grandson could’ve stolen. There was a possibility that the teenager was innocent and the men just poked fun at him.

Tulfo proceeded to talking to Boyet Galang, the Chairman of Barangay Villa Gonzalo.

According to Galang, the said chicken was actually a rooster used for cockfighting. The boy indeed attempted to steal the fowl but was immediately caught by the two men, thus, the incident.

Tulfo said that if that was the case, what the two men did was too much given that the crime was not consummated after all.


Tulfo asked Galang to accompany the teenager’s family to the police station to file a complaint.


Find out how the issue was resolve. Watch the full video here:

Source: Youtube


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