Lalaking ayaw ibigay ang anak sa dating kinakasama, pinaikot-ikot ang panayam sa kanya!

The complainant on the program of Raffy Tulfo is Rodelyn Parado who wanted to retrieve her child from her former live-in partner.

According to Rodelyn, it has been a year since she last saw her child because the father refused to give the child back to her.

Tulfo called Teddy de Ocampo, Rodelyn’s former boyfriend. Teddy said that he did not have a problem with Rodelyn wanting the child back. But his problem was on how Rodelyn handles herself.

He said that Rodelyn was pregnant with her new boyfriend.

Rodelyn immediately denied that she was pregnant.

Teddy wanted Rodelyn to change her behavior first so he could know that the child would be in good hands.

According to Teddy, Rodelyn used to be an illegal substance user. He said that this was also the reason why they separated. To which the latter denied again.

He said that once Rodelyn changes her lifestyle, he would be willing to return the child to her custody.

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Tulfo asked Rodelyn why they separated. She said that she worked for 4 months in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. When she returned to the country, she found out that Teddy had another woman.

She said that Teddy was just making up stories to put her on a bad light. Rodelyn has a job and even if she undergo an examination regarding her alleged substance use, she would be very much willing to prove herself clean. She repeated that she was not pregnant.

Tulfo said that it did not matter whether she was pregnant or has another partner because she and Teddy was not married in the first place and they already separated. Her business was not Teddy’s anymore.

Tulfo talked to Teddy and said that he should return the child to Rodelyn because according to the law, the custody of a child below 7 years old should automatically go to the mother given that the mother is in a good condition to raise a child.

Teddy once again said that there was no problem as long as Rodelyn could be responsible. He repeatedly said that he would allow Rodelyn to have their child once she proved that she already changed for the better.

Tulfo told him that it was not his decision to judge Rodelyn if she was capable of taking care of their child. They should let the CSWDO to handle the matter involving the assessment of parental responsibility.

Tulfo said that Rodelyn would go to him the next day to retrieve their child from him.

Tulfo called SPO2 Nena Garcia of Women’s and Children’s Desk, Batangas City, to accompany Rodelyn together with the CSWDO in getting the child.

SPO2 Garcia asked the exact location.

Teddy said that he was in Batangas. But he was ready to go to Muntinlupa. He said that if Rodelyn wanted to take the child, they can talk first at a station in Brgy. Poblacion, Muntinlupa.

Rodelyn said that Teddy was just lying and he would not really show up in the end.

The banter between the two kept on going in cycles.

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