Pagmamatigas ng Judge na Nakabangga sa Isang Rider, Hindi Umubra kay Raffy Tulfo!

After being in the media industry for almost a decade now, veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo has already established a reputation of being fair and just especially in dealing with complainants on his public service program who are commonly victims of abuse, injustice, and maltreatment.

Regardless if you are a big personality or not, Raffy Tulfo makes sure to implement the law, that is why a lot of Filipino people would go after him and seeks his assistance instead of going directly to authorities; especially with the kind of justice system that we have that can easily be swayed by money.

Recently, a road accident victim seeks the help of Tulfo to complain about the driver of the vehicle who caused his leg injury, it turned out that the driver is working for a judge in Davao City.

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According to Pedro Sevilla, the driver of Judge Virginia Tejano Ang is the one at fault in the accident and all they are demanding for is for the offenders to give them financial assistance until he is fully healed. But when the program contacted the judge, she insisted that based on the police report Sevilla is the one who hit their car.

The judge also insisted that she already gave money to assist the victim even though she believes that her driver is not the one at fault in the accident.

“Nag-release na ako ng pera lang pambayad sa ospital, tapos na ‘yon! Basta tumanggap sila ng pera galing sa’kin! I-prove niya muna sa court na kasalanan ng driver ko!” the judge said.

That is when Sevilla revealed that the driver left the accident scene and went straight to the police station to personally file the police report rather than an investigator going to the scene, the police report also has discrepancies and noted different damages than the actual motorcycle damage.

He added that during their confrontation at the Barangay, the driver even admitted that he is the one at fault in the accident and that his boss, Judge Tejano-Ang is in a hurry that time that is why they immediately left the scene and just filed a police report by himself.

Tulfo’s team assisted Sevilla and flew to Davao City to file necessary cases against the police investigator who filed a wrong report and to the judge who became an accessory to the crime.






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