WATCH: Mister, Nahuli ng Misis sa Aktong Pakikipagsayaw sa Ibang Babae, Gisado!

“Men will be men”, this is the common excuse made by others in order to justify a man’s hobby of checking out other stunning women around them even if they are already committed to their wife or girlfriend. They say it is just normal for men to look at other women as it is part of their manly nature of appreciating a woman’s beauty.

They also say that there is nothing wrong if your man peeks at other woman’s beauty since it is just a few seconds glance that will be taken away from a life that he could stare at their wife or girlfriend’s beauty. But sometimes, as women, we could not help but get jealous and see this gesture as a kind of disrespect to their partners.

Instead of being quietly jealous of her husband’s flirty activities, one woman showed him that this kind of attitude is not accepted.

In the video which is now going rounds on social media, a wife could be seen teaching her husband a lesson he will never forget about checking out and flirting with another woman.

In the 1-minute video clip, a sexy dancer could be seen dancing in the middle of a crowd of some undisclosed place. She is wearing a totally revealing pair of outfit which showcases her sexy figure, the piece of clothing is small enough to expose some of her private parts.

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In the first part of the video, she could be seen dancing with another man who seems to be her co-performers. But after a few minutes, a man who is an earlier part of the audience could be seen approaching the dance floor as if challenging the tandem to share the spotlight with him.

His challenge was immediately reciprocated and the two of them was seen dancing in a very provocative manner.  But in the middle of his moment and passionate dance with the sexy dancer, a woman who believes to be his wife suddenly stormed at his back and gave him multiple strikes from behind.

The furious woman repeatedly slapped and hit her husband as they make their way out of the dance floor. The earlier energetic man was not even able to say a word to stop his wife and have no choice but to take in his wife’s anger.

Even if they are out of the dance floor already, the video shows that the wife did not stop hitting her husband may be out of both jealousy and anger for his flirtatious move.




Watch the epic video below:

Posted by Pietro Marino on Saturday, August 18, 2018








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