Dadalawang Babae, Nag-agawan Sa Shih Tzu

Two women went face-to-face at Raffy Tulfo’s program to find out who is the rightful owner of a shih tzu they both wanted.

Beth Lingat, together with her son Gab, claims that she is the original owner of the dog.

Gab said that he owns the dog and gave it to his mother as a gift. Beth used to lend it to their neighbor, Linda Cantillo, every time she has to go to Bulacan or Dasmariñas.

Beth said that it’s been three years and Linda still won’t return the said dog to them.

Linda confirmed that she got the dog on August 13, 2014. She also admitted that the dog was indeed just lended to her by Beth.

Tulfo asked Linda why she refused to return the dog and she said that Beth did not give her any support like providing dog food or money for veterinary expenses. The dog was still under her care during this time.

Beth said that it lasted for almost four years because when she was borrowing the dog, Linda wouldn’t give it to her. She said that they had a borrowing agreement, meaning the dog can stay with both of them.

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Beth also said that she used to give money for the dog but Linda refused to take it.

Tulfo asked her why she lend the dog to Linda. Beth said that everyone in their place knows that Linda loves dogs so she trusted her to take care of hers while she was away.

Tulfo asked Linda what would it take for her to return the dog to its owner.

Linda said that she would return the dog but Beth should pay back all the services she provided the dog.

When asked the estimated amount of her expenses throughout the years, she said that it already reached half a million pesos.

The other party said that it was very ridiculous for her to ask for an amount that huge given that Linda was the one who refused to give the dog back.

Beth said that their conflict already reached the Barangay.

Tulfo called Chairman Alain Padernal of Brgy. 337, Sta. Cruz, Manila to confirm the matter.

Chairman Padernal said that their issue was already brought to them. But every time he schedules an appointment for them, Linda refused to come.

Linda said that she has a job and reasoned that there needs to be a summon first.

Chairman Padernal said that sometimes, he and his staff would go their way to fetch Linda just so they could resolve the conflict. But Linda still won’t attend the hearings.

Linda asked Tulfo what they could do to resolve the conflict.


Tulfo said that they should talk about it in their Barangay. And if Linda really wanted Beth to pay her back, she should give a more reasonable and believable amount.


Watch what happened next:


Source: Youtube

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