Iba pang Biktima ng Notorious na Manyakis sa Bus, Lumantad! Babaeng Nagviral ang Kwento sa Social Media, Nakakatanggap Ng Mga Pagbabanta!

Offensive physical advancement is not only limited to touching or trying to get a pass at another party, nowadays, even just a malicious look and move could easily be mistaken as an invasion. But thanks to social media, women are getting more aggressive in fighting this kind of advancement from the opposite sex.

We’ve seen so many viral videos wherein ladies caught a maniac on camera doing their pervert act in public places particularly while inside a public transport, but recently an experience shared by a female netizen did not just drew flak on social media but also became a medium for other victims of a specific pervert came to light.

In the post of Facebook user Aize Tori, she narrated her traumatic bus ride experience beside a pervert passenger who get a pass at her while in the middle of their journey.

According to Aize, the incident happened in a Baliwag Transit bus at around 6 in the morning, she was then followed by a man who seated next to her even if there are lots of vacant seat inside the public transport.

Having previous experience with perverted passengers in the past, Aize immediately grabbed the pepper spray inside her bag to intimidate his male seatmate but the man proceeds with his agenda and started getting his legs to touch Aize’s legs.

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Unfortunately, Aize fell asleep in the middle of the journey and only woke up after realizing that her pervert seatmate is already caressing her legs almost near her groin. When she freaked out and called out the guy, he immediately grabbed his phone and pretended as if talking to someone over the phone.

Much to her dismay, after causing a scene, none of the passengers even bother to help her so she just took all the courage she got and warned the man and said: “bumaba ka na kuya bago pa kita ipahuli!”

Aize shared her story on Facebook together with the offender’s photo in the hopes to identify the man so she could file a proper case and also to serve as a warning to her fellow ladies who are using the public transport regularly.

But to her surprise, after posting the story, she was bombarded with messages from strangers saying they all fall victim to the same man after riding the same bus route. It turned out that this pervert man’s style is practically the same, seating next to a lady and discreetly touching their legs down to their private parts.

Read some of their stories below:



Unfortunately, none of them were able to file a formal complaint against the pervert man that is why Aize is very eager to teach this man a lesson.

In an updated Facebook status, Aize revealed that she already has the man’s identity but some of his friends and family member are sending her hate messages and threats for what she did. But the brave victim is ready to put up a fight send the perverted man behind bars.







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