OFW Sa Qatar Gustong Bawiin Ang Mga Naipundar Sa Ex-Boyfriend

An oversees Filipino worker (OFW) from Qatar went to the program of Raffy Tulfo to complain about her problematic former live-in partner.

Recel, who has been working in Qatar for more than four years now, said that she wanted back the things she gave to her ex-boyfriend, Romeo Pineda.

According to Recel, their relationship went on a rough patch after she noticed that Romeo became more demanding to Recel when it comes to money matters.

Oftentimes, she sends PHP10,000 to PHP15,000 to Romeo monthly. She said that the money was spent for their pisonet business, a motorcycle, an Xbox, and for a savings.

Tulfo asked her why she sent most of her money to Romeo. Recel said that before she left the country, they already made plans for their future, and she expected Romeo to save the money for that reason.

But then they started fighting about the money Recel sends to her family. Romeo insisted that PHP1,500 per month would already suffice her father’s need. But according to Recel, her father is suffering from diabetes and he needs money to afford the medicines.

Romeo also opposes Recel sending money to her sibling. According to Recel, Romeo said that she was giving too much to her family. Recel thought that Romeo just wants to get her money for his own good.

Tulfo asked her if Romeo even has a job. She said that Romeo worked at a water station before but since they started the business of pisonet, Romeo focused on it.

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Recel broke up with Romeo and went home to claim everything she gave to him.

Tulfo called Romeo to inform him that the staff of the program will accompany Recel and advised him to ready the things that Recel needed back.

Romeo talked to Recel for a while saying that they should’ve talk to each other instead of letting this incident happened. He even asked Recel if she was having an affair.

In the end, they agreed to meet in the baranggay hall to settle the conflict and for Romeo to return the things Recel wanted.

As promised, the staff of Tulfo’s program accompanied Recel. Recel and Romeo first had a conversation about what went wrong on their relationship.

In the end, Romeo was able to return the two units of pisonet and the keys to the motor. However, Romeo said that the motor was still in Manila.

Recel said that she will handle everything but Romeo must come with them.

Romeo refused at first saying that he did not have the money to commute back.

Recel said that she will cover his fare.

They all went to Manila and retrieved the motorcyle with its sidecar.

But the two once again had a conflict. Recel stayed true to her promise to cover Romeo’s fare on his way home but the latter threw the money away saying he did not need it anymore.

The reporter who accompanied them reprimanded Romeo about his ungrateful and rude behavior.

In the end, Recel was able to go home to her house with everything she invested returned to her.



Source: Youtube

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