WATCH: Ingratong Nurse na Nagreklamo pa Matapos Ibalik ng Tapat na Taxi Driver ang Kaniyang Nawawalang iPhone, Nakatikim ng Sermon kay Idol Raffy!

Nowadays, a smartphone is almost like a necessity in one’s life so whenever we leave it at home or consumed the entire gadget’s battery we feel incomplete.

It is a devastating feeling when you completely lost your smartphone that has become a part of your daily routine, but what would you feel is a Good Samaritan went out of his way just to return your most valuable item? You will probably be jumping out of joy and express much gratitude and even reward the person who returned it, right? But this is the exact opposite thing that happened to a nurse who recently lost his precious iPhone SE.

Taxi driver Roberto Elliot went out of his way and visit the program of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to surrender a smartphone that a passenger left inside his vehicle when it was time for him and the owner of the smartphone to meet up and return the lost phone, an unexpected twist happened.

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This is because instead of expressing gratitude, the iPhone SE owner identified as Luigi Lim expressed dismay and said that Elliot should have returned the phone earlier since most of his money transactions are done using the said phone.

Lim admitted that he is a bit disappointed since he already reported the lost phone and requested the network operator to block it.

The taxi driver then explained that when he found the phone on a Saturday morning, he immediately drove at Tulfo’s program only to find out that the radio station is closed during the weekends, he was also not able to drop by come Monday since his vehicle is on color coding.

Elliot also explained that he does not know how to operate the high-end phone that is why he was not able to use it to contact the rightful owner.

Meanwhile, Tulfo could not help his emotion and expressed anger towards the ungrateful iPhone owner.

 “This is the first time sa history po ng ‘Saulian ng Bayan’ na imbes na kayo ay magpasalamat, kayo po ay nagagalit pa! Ano ho bang gusto niyong palabasin?” Tulfo exclaimed.

“Ang hirap sa’yo, imbes na matuwa ka, pinipikon mo ako! Itong tao he’s being honest, he’s being kind, nag-abala pa siya pumunta dito, wala siyang kaalam-alam paano magpindo-pindot sa cellphone na ‘yan, pagagalitan mo pa siya, pahahagingan mo pa siya! Bastos ka naman!” he added.

The veteran broadcaster also slammed the ungrateful iPhone owner for putting the blame of his recklessness to someone who took time and effort to return his valuable item.

“Kasalanan mo ‘yan dahil burara ka eh! Kasi kung hindi ka burara, in the first place hindi ka nawalan! So don’t blame yung pagiging burara mo dito sa tao na nagmagandang loob sa’yo!” Tulfo said.

Despite the heated commotion, Tulfo still rewarded Elliot with cash and gift packs. The honest taxi driver still manages to smile but was teary-eyed and terrified that the iPhone owner is mad at him.



Watch the full story below:


After a few days, Tulfo rewarded Elliot with a brand new smartphone care of their program sponsor and an all-expense-paid vacation package in Bicol together with his family which expenses will be paid by Tulfo himself.







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