Lalaking inireklamo ang kanyang kinakasamang pulis, nabaligtad nang mapag-alamang siya pala ay pabigat at sugarol!

Jefferson Alfaro went to the program of Raffy Tulfo to talk to his live-in partner and to clarify the status of their relationship.

According to Alfaro, PO1 Rosedy Piedad, his live-in partner, found another man named PO1 Barber.

Alfaro said that he came all the way from Zamboanga and visited Piedad in Manila to reconcile their quarrel. But Alfaro was surprised when he found out that Piedad is already with someone else.

PO1 Barber allegedly held Alfaro in gunpoint.

Alfaro became emotional while saying that Piedad just wasted their relationship which lasted for 9 years. Aside from that, Piedad’s boyfriend is mad at him and insisted that Alfaro should leave the house.

But Piedad countered what Alfaro said. She said that she went to Zamboanga to get their child and to talk to Alfaro formally about their situation, right in front of her father. In the end, their decision to separate is consensual.

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They also had an agreement that come March to May, their child will be under the care of Alfaro.

She said she was held captive by Alfaro in her own house with a pair of scissors directed at her. Alfaro told her that if she would not stay with him, Alfaro might as well end her life.

Piedad said that even if she is a police, she would not wish for them to end up threatening each other with a weapon.

Alfaro denied Piedad’s accusation and said that he never hurt her throughout the course of their 9-year relationship.

The two continued on bickering about what really happened.

Tulfo emphasized to Alfaro that they already had a formal talk and agreement and that complaining about it on the program is not really necessary.

Aside from that, the two are not married in the first place.

Tulfo sent Alfaro home, but before he could totally go, Piedad also complained about something.

She said that she wanted to get her child back which was currently with Alfaro.

Tulfo invited Alfaro again and said that they will get the child from him, together with the MSWD and PNP.

Alfaro said that he’s willing to give the child back immediately.

After the show, Tulfo continued talking to Piedad. He asked her why the two of them separated in the first place.

Piedad said that Alfaro does not have any job. Aside from that, he has an Online Computer problem, which is basically wagering. Piedad even supported Alfaro’s studies.

Tulfo said that Piedad has every reason to leave Alfaro.



Watch what happened after the two confronted at the police station.

Source: Youtube


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