Mala-UFC na bakbakan ng pasahero at kundoktor sa bus, huli sa camera!

We cannot deny the fact the transportation system in the Philippines is not so impressive, there is traffic everywhere plus the buses, jeepneys, and train system are not so comfortable to ride in. But a lot of Filipino commuters endure this third world kind of transportation because we are left with no other choice.

Being a commuter in the Philippines is not easy, you have to spare a minimum of one hour to get to your destination so the least you could hope and pray for is to have a smooth, safe, and peaceful journey. But it is not every day that a Filipino commuter experience an easy-breezy journey as they get to encounter different road rage and commotion every now and then.

Just like this bus passenger who recently caught a cruelty between a bus conductor and a passenger while inside a public utility bus.

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Based on the video post of Facebook user Janno Cabanatuan, he witnessed a UFC-like (Ultimate Fighting Championship) confrontation while on board a Sta. Rosa bus line.

According to Janno, the passenger wearing a red shirt lacks enough money to pay his bus fare but he is the one who initially exhibits a bad behavior and somehow provoked the bus conductor.

In the 2-minute video clip, the two were first seen in the middle of an argument, but things escalated quickly when the bus conductor stormed the male passenger with multiple punches on the face.

The aggressive bus conductor gave the passenger a solid six straight punches that landed right on his face, the passenger was not able to defend himself and have no choice but to receive the punches.

A fellow passenger could be seen meddling in the situation and placed himself in the middle of the two arguing men.

Some passengers could be heard trying to lecture the violent men and remind them that they are not just the only people inside the public transport and there are even kids inside who can witness their rude behavior.

At the latter part of the video, the male passenger could be seen getting off the vehicle without saying any word against as the bus conductor continues with his job collecting fare and distributing bus tickets to other passengers.





Watch the full video below:

#atm UFC sa bus… 😡😡😡 muntik pa tamaan anak ko.. ang bad kz ng naka red. Ang sama naman kc nung naka red.. Wla na ngang pambayad.. Sasapakin pa ung mamang kunduktor. #UFC#ugh#starosabus

Posted by Janno Cabatuan on Monday, August 27, 2018


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