‘WAG TULARAN: Driver huli sa aktong pakikipagtalo sa enforcer matapos hulihin dahil sa traffic violation!

Red tape or commonly known as fixer is a very common sight in the Philippines especially in government offices; fixers are the ones who process certain documents in behalf of those who need it for the sake of their own convenience.

Aside from being illegal, this kind of under-the-table process actually produces lazy and law violating citizens who in the long run will not be aware of basic rules.

Just like in acquiring a driver’s license, fixers are in every corner of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) making it easy for Filipinos to have a driver’s license even without undergoing enough training, driving lesson, and lecture that will teach them the do’s and dont’s of traffic.

These results to unintelligent drivers who think that they know the rules but did not realize they are actually violating it.

Just like this another viral video of a man who is clearly violating a traffic rule yet refusing to surrender his license to the traffic enforcer and even insisting that he is not violating any traffic rule.

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In the 10-minute video clip, a man driving a red sports car could be seen arguing with a traffic enforcer insisting that the latter should not confiscate his license and issue a violation ticket since he is not violating any traffic law.

Apparently, the driver is idling his vehicle in a “no parking zone” when the traffic enforcer approached and apprehended him, but instead of surrendering his driver’s license, the hard-headed driver explained that he is not violating anything.

The enforcer then pointed out a signage saying that the area is a “no parking zone” since it is a towing area, but the driver insisted that he is not parked right beside the said signage.

The enforcer tried explaining to him that the signage means it applies to the entire stretch of the road, but the driver keeps insisting that he will not surrender his license since he believes that he did not violate anything.


When the police arrived to further enforce the law and explain to him how he violated the law, the driver still insisted that he is not parked in front of the signage and even demanded a mission order of the traffic enforcer.



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