PANOORIN: Aktwal na video ng isang babaeng patakbong humingi ng tulong sa mga nagpapatrolyang kapulisan matapos kamuntikang mapahamak sa kamay ng dalawang lalaki!

Just a few hours ago, the Facebook page called “Kyusi” posted a video of an intense encounter between the police and the perpetrators.

The police were patrolling the streets of Payatas, Quezon City when they were alerted by the sudden appearance of a hysterical woman asking for help.

The incident was captured using the body cameras of the police officers.

As the police were surveying the area at around past 12 midnight, gunshots were suddenly heard. After that a woman came running towards their mobile asking for help.

It was noticeable that the woman was barefooted and her shirt was unbuttoned, showing off her under garments.

The woman kept on screaming “Tulong! Tulong! Tulong!”

The police mobile stopped and the officers immediately jumped out of the vehicle to survey the area where the woman came from.

The place was dark so we only get to see the area where the officers direct their flashlights. The area was surrounded by tall grasses.

Numerous gunshots were heard as the police officers and the perpetrators exchanged bullets.

The woman was still hysterical as the other police tried to calm her down by saying that she should not be afraid.

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The officers were already instructing the others to drive the mobile away so they could bring the woman to the PCP to report about what happened.

As the others were looking for the perpetrator, one officer said,

“May pumuputok, Sir. May pumuputok! Inano ata ‘yung babae, in-abduct.”

The police steered civilians away from the scene.

After a while, another gunshot was heard.

The police kept looking for the perpetrators.

According to the reports, the woman was a victim of robbery and attempted forced copulation.

Some assumed that the woman might have been dragged towards that grassy area to be violated.

After the encounter, the police was able to end the two perpetrators with gunshot wounds.

Many netizens liked, reacted, and shared the video as a warning to everyone to be vigilant especially at night.

One netizen even noticed that there was actually a man wearing a blue shirt that was chasing the woman. The man might have ran away after seeing the patrolling police mobile.

Netizens commended the officers’ efforts and immediate action to apprehend the perpetrators. They said that it was really a good thing that the police were patrolling during that time.

Some were thankful that the police was able to end the lives of the perpetrators so that they wouldn’t be able to victimize other women next time.

This incident serves as a reminder to everyone to always be careful especially during the night knowing that perpetrators are just lurking anywhere

2 hinihinalang rapist at holdaper patay sa Payatas, QC

Grabe!!! Kamuntikan na yung babae ma-rape! … buti nakahingi ng saklolo ang babae sa mga pulis!!!Tsk tsk tsk! Dobleng ingat po!"PANOORIN: Isang babae na humihingi ng tulong ang nadaanan ng mga pulis habang nagpapatrolya kaninang pasado alas-12 ng madaling araw. Hinoldap at pinagtangkaan umanong gahasain ang biktima.Napatay ang dalawang hinihinalang rapist at holdaper matapos makaengkwentro ng mga pulis sa Payatas, Quezon City."Video Courtesy: QCPD STATION-6 | Batasan Police Station 6 | Reynante Ponte | UNTV News and RescuePlease share Kyusitizens! Salamat po!

Posted by Kyusi on Wednesday, August 29, 2018


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