Trillanes, mahina daw ang kukote ayon kay Pangulong Duterte!

If you are always updated with the political news in the country, you will know for a fact that for the past two years each month will never pass without any exchange of tirades between President Rodrigo Duterte and his staunch critic, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

Just recently the two officials on the opposing side of the government are back lambasting each other this time criticizing each other’s intelligence quotient (IQ).

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During an interview at the Libingan ng mga Bayani where he led the National Heroes Day commemoration rites, the President expressed concern on how the former soldier survived the Philippine Military Academy “given his character, his mouth and his low IQ.”

Duterte’s attack prompted after reporters asked him to comment on the criticism thrown by the opposition particularly Trillanes’ political party mate Magdalo Rep Gary Alejano who criticized the appointment of Teresita De Castro as the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

“I have yet to hear those guys state something without malice. They always say the worst. People judge best when they condemn. And they have nothing to show for their time there except to blabber their mouth,” the President said in response to Alejano’s allegation that De Castro’s appointment may have been her reward from the Duterte.


Watch Duterte’s full statement below:

Of course, the opposition Senator is quick to react to Duterte’s statement and took to his Twitter account to respond and challenge the President to an IQ test.

“Just to settle the matter, I am challenging (President) Duterte to an IQ test,” Trillanes said.

“Kahit plus 10 pa siya, ‘pag mas mataas score niya sa ‘kin, magre-resign ako sa pagka-Senador. Siya nga itong wala nang maisip na solusyon sa mga problema ng bayan kasi aminado siyang mahina ang kokote niya,” the Senator added.

It could be recalled that last week, Trillanes also slammed Duterte after being reported feeling ill. He said that the President should go straight to the hospital if he is sick, otherwise he should continue his work instead of sleeping soundly.

“Ang daming problema ng bayan na ikaw rin naman ang gumawa, tapos patulog-tulog ka lang diyan sa Davao,” Trillanes said.

“Gumawa ka ng solusyon imbes na magpaawa. Truly, you are the laziest, craziest, and the worst president this country ever had,” he added.







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