WATCH: Clingy Pajero na sumunod sa amo, umani ng samu’t-saring reaksyon mula sa netizens!

Aside from owning a house and lot, many people also dream of having their own car. Aside from giving one an instant social status, owning a car gives convenience to owners especially those who travel from time-to-time.

For some men, cars could be considered as their toys, an expensive toy that they will forever treasure and take care of like their own baby. Sometimes, due to so much love and obsession with their own car, men can’t seem to get their hands and sight off their most precious car, but did you know your cars could be a little clingy with you as well?

Just like the incident caught on CCTV footage wherein a car was seen voluntarily following its owner despite the driver’s absence inside the car.

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In the video posted by Facebook user Bryan Fer Mania, a driver could be seen driving the street of Bayombong in Nueva Vizcaya and decided to stop over a nearby bakeshop.

The owner parked his vehicle across FTM Goodies Bakeshoppe and was seen getting off the driver’s seat and immediately crossed the street to buy some break.

But after a few seconds, the Pajero could be seen moving reversely on its own and even swerved to left as if following its owner who just crossed the bakeshop.

“SUA IS REAL. Sudden Unintended Atras,” Bryan wrote on the video’s caption.

Good thing there was no pedestrian or even cars that were hit during the entire sudden car reverse incident.

On the second part of the video also captured by a CCTV footage near the bakesho, it could be seen that the driver got surprised upon seeing his car moving by itself.

Instead of getting a mini-heart attack, the driver immediately tried stopping the reversing car so that it will not hit the bakery stall and cause further damage. Good thing, the driver successfully stopped his own car.



Watch the video and see it for yourself:

Posted by Bryan Fer Mania on Monday, August 27, 2018


Posted by Bryan Fer Mania on Monday, August 27, 2018



Because of this, the Facebook uploader also reminded car owners to make sure they keep an eye on their vehicles and be extra careful to avoid accidents.

Meanwhile, the video immediately went viral on social media and gained several humorous comments saying that the Pajero is very loyal and clingy to its owner while other also gave the warning to make sure the car is properly parked before leaving it. Read some of their comments below:









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