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Due to poverty and lack of education, some people tend to work as domestic helper looking after one family’s home and children. Some of them are forced to work even at an old age so they can help their family survive.

In the Philippines, household helpers are a constant employee in many families, due to each family member’s workload in their respective jobs, they opt to hire someone who will be in charge of the laundry, house cleaning, preparing the dishes, and overall management of the house.

But not all household helpers are lucky to meet kind employers; some are getting into the hands of an offensive and violent boss just like the complaint of this daughter who is already worried about her aging mother’s situation at the hands of her employer.

According to Sally Dacut, her mother Roxana Sigre has been working alone for a family with a 4-storey house and looking after 3 children, two of which has special needs with only P6,000 salary.

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Sally also narrated that there was one time when Mommy Roxana’s female employer Deborah Pan threw all the clothes in the water after Roxana finished the laundry, making her work double time.

Her mother also tried contacting her employment agency which is Poredge Agency, but failed to help her get out of the situation.

When the program contacted Roxana’s employer, she denied all the allegation and said that she is very much willing to let the nanny go as long as the agency could provide a replacement for her.

Sally was surprised with the Deborah’s tone of voice and said that she seems very nice since she is already talking to Mr. Raffy Tulfo. Although Deborah admitted that Mommy Roxana is the only helper in the house, she denied Sally’s accusation about the laundry incident.

 “Nakita ng anak ko kung anong sitwasyon ng magulang ko sayo, tao ‘yan hindi ‘yan hayop! Grabe ka!” Sally said.

Because of this, Tulfo immediately contacted the agency who vowed to immediately fetch Mommy Roxana at the hands of Deborah.

When Deborah demanded that Mommy Roxana should pay all her salary advances, Tulfo slammed her

“Hindi siya magbabayad ng bale, ikaw pa may utang! May utang ka pa kasi tatlong bata inaalagaan niya, bawat bata may patong…. P20,000 may utang ka pa!” Tulfo said.




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