WATCH: Idol Raffy, personal na sinamahan ang kapos-palad na ina upang masaksihan ang graduation ng anak sa Negros

In the Philippines, the months of March to April is the season to celebrate the success of graduating students who were able to finish their studies, it is a very important event since it signifies an achievement that any person will forever treasure and be able to use in life.

Unfortunately, due to poverty and other circumstances, there are some parents who could not witness their children’s graduation ceremony and just ask a relative or guardian to accompany their child in this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Just like the dilemma of mother Dominga Salazar who seek the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo and tried her luck to ask for a plane ticket back to Negros to attend her daughter’s graduation ceremony on the 6thof April.

Nanay Dominga is based in Manila where she works as a nail technician while her daughter Roma took up Education course at Central Philippine State University.

When the program called the Campus Admin Dra. Maria Evangeline Perez, she confirmed that Roma is their student and she is, in fact, running for Magna Cum Laude for this year.

Tulfo then called Roma and said that he will just give P10,000 to Nanay Dominga and send it to Roma so she could at least celebrate her graduation with her friends since her mother does not have enough money to fly to Negros.

Little did she know that Tulfo is already planning to surprise her and even connived with the Campus’ Admin so they can cover the event.

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Tulfo personally accompanied Nanay Roma in Negros and shouldered not just their plane ticket but also their hotel accommodation.

During the graduation rites, when Roma’s name was called to receive the leadership award medal, she was surprised by Nanay Dominga who personally gave her the medal and by Tulfo who handed her a bouquet of flowers.

Since Tulfo was so impressed with the achievement of Roma, he gave him a bunch of graduation gift consisting of a brand new cell phone, tablet, bag, and an all-expense paid accommodation to celebrate her success.

When Tulfo learned that Roma used the initial P10,000 they sent to pay her school bills, he gave her another P10,000 so she could treat her friends after graduation.



Watch the heartwarming event below: (Make sure to have your tissues ready)

Idol Raffy, sinamahan ang isang Ina sa Bacolod para masaksihan ang Recognition Day ng kanyang anak na Magna Cum Laude.

Idol Raffy, sinamahan ang isang Ina sa Negros para masaksihan ang Recognition Day ng kanyang anak na Magna Cum Laude.Song:"Hope" by Yiruma#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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