Babaeng nagnakaw ng cellphone sa isang tindahan, huli sa CCTV!

At this time and age, you could never really trust everyone around you. Due to the systemic poverty in the society, people resort to doing illegal activities to provide for their needs. But in some cases, perpetrators only do such things to indulge themselves.

A video and two photos of a woman was posted on Facebook by a man named Ted Diego Alcaraz.

It seemed like the man was the owner or someone related to the owner of the store that the woman stole from.

The post was captioned with,

“Mandurugas alert:
Kung sino man po nakakakilala sa magnanakaw na to pakipagbigay alam nalang po samin. Ingat po tayo.

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Pakikalat po.

Ayan po malinaw na selfie nya PENTAK di ka namin tatantanan.

Kung may iba pa po syang nabiktima makipag coordinate lang po kayo samin para lumakas ang pruweba natin ng lalong bumigat ang kaso nyang kakaharapin.”

The video was a CCTV footage from a store where the woman was seen suspiciously lurking around.

The woman with a straight black hair was wearing a floral designed blouse, a black leggings, and a pair of slippers.

She was looking at the items inside the store like a normal customer, covering her ulterior motive. She was carefully checking the items out when another customer came in. She stopped what she was doing and pretended to look around as if choosing what she wanted to buy.

When the customer left the premises, that’s when the woman finally did her motive. She reached out on top of a shelf what seemingly looked like a smartphone and immediately put in inside her tiny sling bag.

After that, she left the room as if nothing happened.

The owner of the store probably asked around whether the people recognized the perpetrator. They were able to post two clear selfies of the woman.

They asked the help of the netizens to find the perpetrator and surrender her to them so they could do the necessary actions.

Netizens said that the woman should be sent behind bars because of what she did.

Other netizens said that the perpetrators beauty is such a waste knowing that she was actually a thief.

Some were already looking for the woman.

One jokingly said that the woman’s braces must have also been stolen.

But this incident is a reminder to everyone to never left your personal belongings unattended especially if there were other people or strangers lurking around the premises.

Watch the video here, and kindly report to the authorities if the featured woman was seen.


Source: Facebook

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