Construction worker na binugbog ng mga pulis, viral ngayon!

Gerald Esurena, a 26-year old construction worker sought help after being physically maltreated by 8 police officers even though he’s innocent.

Ramon Tulfo and his team accompanied Gerald at the headquarters of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) in Camp Bagong Diwa, Bicutan.

At the NCRPO, Gerald narrated his experiences with the 8 cops saying that they tried to put handcuffs on him but he struggled from it because he is not doing anything wrong. That’s when the police started hitting him with punches.

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Gerald confidently said that he is not under the influence of illegal substances.

He showed the aftermath of the maltreatment to him. He procured several wounds and bruises on his face and body.

The chief officer of the 8 cops involved stated that the incident was not reported to them immediately. They only got a call from the police involved after Tulfo and his team asked about Gerald’s case. The police defended themselves saying that they did not touch Gerald and tpphey just brought him to their station.

They only had a problem when they thought that the victim was out of his mind, so they sent him back to the barangay.

But despite allegedly accusing the victim of an activity he did not commit, the police found no need to put Gerald’s name on the police blotter, which made the incident even more suspicious.

It just means that Gerald is not a suspect to any activity, therefore, the police do not have the right to maltreat him.

Tulfo said that the police involved are either stupid or just cruel.

One of the reported officers came to the office to clarify the incident.

He admitted that Gerald is not a suspect. He said that he was just invited to the station for verification.

“Verification? Kahit na verification lang ‘yan, dapat nasa blotter pa rin ‘yan,” Tulfo retorted.

Every person brought to a police station should be put into the police blotter as a standard operating procedure (SOP).

When asked why they did not put Gerald on the blotter, the officer said that it is because they immediately sent him back to the barangay.

The other officers involved finally arrived, as well as a witness to the incident.

According to Tulfo, the woman initially refused to come with them because of fear. But at the end, they were able to convince her to testify.

The witness narrated what she saw. She said that the police thought that Gerald was an asset. They tried to frisk him but he refused because of the fear that the police might put objects on him and framed him.


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