Dating arsonista, piniling baguhin ang kanyang buhay para sa mas mabuti

A few months ago, a news broke about a man who intentionally set a parked motorcycle on fire in Pandacan, Manila to catch the attention of his parents.

The story stated that Adonis Ducot was trying to borrow some money from his parents for him to have a capital and start a small business. This is his way of turning his life around but their refusal to help him, made him commit another wrong-doing.

His act brought fear to the residents as the motorcycle was parked near a house and a store of LPGs. Fortunately, police saw what was happening and responded to the incident with buckets of water.

In an interview, Adonis said that he only did the activity because of his pile of problems regarding his family, unemployment, and depression. He even asked the President for help in order for him to change for the better.

Adonis was sent behind bars because of arson.

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But a few months after, one of the reporters who interviewed him before saw him around Paco Market. Jen Calimon recognized Adonis who was now helping in controlling the traffic flow while carrying a box of hopia he was selling.

Jen approached him even though she was still unsure if he was the same person because Adonis’ appearance changed as well. According to Jen, Adonis gained weight and his face looked brighter, far from his depressed and filthy previous self.

Adonis met her with a smile. Jen could not believe that he still recognized her. According to Adonis, he attempted to look for Jen before to thanked her.

Jen told him that he did not really need to thank her because she just told his story.

According to Adonis’ story, he was set free after the complaint against him was withdrawn.

From then on, he promised himself to change especially now that he got a second chance to redeem himself. He went back to his family, turned his back from his previous vices, and looked for a job.

He said he attempted to find a job at the Manila City Hall but he lacked some necessary documents, so he just went on with his new life selling hopias on the street.

Despite everything that happened to him, he is still thankful to the government especially to the President although he was not able to help him directly like what he pleaded before.

Adonis serves as a reminder to everyone who committed mistakes in their life that they still deserve a second chance if they are willing to change. And with that second chance, people should use it as an opportunity to change for the better like what Adonis did.

Netizens applauded the new Adonis.


Source: Manilaflash

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