Pasaherong beki na nag-inarte sa jeep, pinagtulungan!

Commuting is a part of common Filipino’s daily routine. Public transportation helps us to get to our desired places such as to school or to our work.

But commuting is such a hassle especially if you get to meet rude people riding the same vehicle as yours.

Like what happened inside a jeepney as seen in the viral video uploaded by one of the passengers.

In the video, the rude man was having a heated conversation with another passenger.

According to the man, there was still enough space on the other side of the jeepney yet the other passengers chose to sit beside him, making his space too cramped up.

“Mga wala kayong modo!” the man kept on saying this to the people confronting him.

The other passengers said that he does not own the vehicle so they have every right to sit wherever they want as long as there was space.

“Nauna akong umupo dito!” said the man.

The passengers on the other part of the jeepney remained mum and just ignored what was happening.

One passenger who was seating near the rude man reached out his arm to pay the fare. It seemed like he was with the other passengers who were confronting the man.

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The man took it as something offensive and slap the passenger’s hand away from him with his elbow and said,

“‘Wag mo akong tatangahin.”

“‘Wag kang manakit! Ayos ka ah!” said the other passenger.

“Nag-abot lang ng bayad, sinaktan na?” asked one of the passenger’s friend.

“Anong sinaktan? Inusog ko lang,” the man retorted.

They still kept on bickering back and forth until the end of the video.

Many netizens reacted to the viral video with hate towards the rude passenger.

Most of their comments are just aggressive charges against the man being a homosexual. Some even jokingly said that the passenger was short-tempered because he does have a boyfriend. In general, the comment section was filled with short-sighted remarks which are equally rude and offensive as the passenger himself.

Some of them said that the rude passenger should have just rode a taxi cab if he did not want to be cramped up with other passengers. Some said that if he wanted the whole space for his own, he should have just paid for the rest of the seats.

One netizen commented against the other passengers.

“Or baka may mudos ang dalawa kaya nagalit c beke..hinde natin nakita at alam ang buong kwento…baka namalayan ni masamang motibo.”


Source: Updatedtayo

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