Anak na sumama sa kanyang boyfriend, bumalik nang muli sa kanyang mga magulang

On May 1, the couple Rodolfo and Veronica, went to the program of Raffy Tulfo to seek help in finding their daughter, Marivic, who is a minor and was taken away by her 21-year old boyfriend.

After a few weeks, the family are together again. Marivic came back home last May 10 to be with her parents again.

According to Marivic, her boyfriend, Junjun, brought her to Masbate and introduced her to his family. She said that nothing happened between them and Junjun respected Marivic during their stay at his hometown.

Rodolfo insisted on filing a case against Marivic’s boyfriend but Marivic said that there’s really no need for that since Junjun has been good and respectful during her stay with him.

Marivic said that they just toured around Masbate and bond with each other. She said that she enjoyed her short vacation but she also missed her parents.

Veronica said that she was very happy that Marivic is finally back.

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The family already reconciled off-air and the scene was very emotional.

Tulfo found out that the husband and wife are vegetable vendors. Because of this, they do not have enough time to be with their daughter. Tulfo assumed that maybe that is the reason why Marivic looked for an older boyfriend. She must have been looking for a fatherly figure.

Marivic said that she does not have an opportunity to bond with them, especially her father. Rodolfo even asked what bonding is.

As a gift, Tulfo would take them out on an all-expense paid bonding experience. He said that they could shop, watch a movie, and have dinner together.

Tulfo asked Marivic to say a message to her parents.


Marivic became emotional as she told her parents how much she loves them. She also apologizes for what she did and promised that she would not do it anymore. She told them not to worry about her because she was okay and nothing bad happened.

Veronica and Rodolfo reminded her to never do it again because it brought them worry and sleepless nights.

When Tulfo asked them how often do they get to be together even in the dining table, Rodolfo said that only seldom times since they are too busy working.

He said that they never really go out together just to bond.

Tulfo reminded every one that despite a busy schedule, always find time to be with your family.

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