Misis, Inireklamo Ang Pakielamerang Biyenan Na Pinipigilan Siyang Bumukod Kasama Ang Mga Anak!

In the Philippines, having an extended family has always been a part of our culture and has been widely accepted regardless of one’s status in life. Despite having a family of their own, some couples decided to still live with their parents under one roof due to several reasons, some do it due to close family ties while others are left with no choice due to poverty.

Anyone who has experienced living with an extended family could attest to the fact that it is not an easy set-up, especially for those new couples who have no choice but to live with their in-laws. Due to different upbringing, behavior, and culture, an argument could not be avoided between in-laws living under the same roof.

Just like the situation of this mother who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about her mother-in-law who does not want to give her the custody of her two kids.

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According to Cloties Bautista, she and her mother-in-law Marcelina Mendoza recently had an argument leading for her to decide to leave their house together with the kids. However, Marcelina is stopping her from getting the kids saying that she does not have the capability to provide their needs.

“Ayaw po ibigay sa akin kasi wala daw po akong kakayahang buhayin. Kasi daw po wala naman daw po akong alam gawin kundi ang pagiging katulong lang daw po,” Cloties said.

When the program contacted Marcelina, she defended herself and explained that she just lectured Cloties after the latter posted some derogatory remarks on Facebook about her husband, Marlon who is currently working in Saudi Arabia.

Marcelina said that she just lectured Cloties that their marital problem should be discussed privately instead of broadcasting it on social media. The mother-in-law also lamented that Cloties does not have any valid reason to break up with Marlon since he is the one suffering and working abroad just to give Cloties and their children a comfortable life.

Cloties admitted being at fault for posting nasty remarks about Marlon, but she explained that she was just triggered to do this after seeing several posts on social media from another woman claiming that she is Marlon’s legal wife abroad.

The other woman allegedly posted a photo of a document to prove that she is the legal wife, however, Cloties could not understand what does the documents states as it is written in the Arabic language.

Cloties also remained firm with her decision to broke up with Marlon and live separately with her children.



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