Nanay, inireklamo ang kanyang sariling anak at manugang!

Corazon Camacho sought help through the program of Raffy Tulfo and complained about her own children and her son-in-law.

Corazon said that she had enough of her daughter, Janina, and son-in-law’s, Dennis, constant fighting which leads to them hurting each other in front of their children.

Recently, Janina got drunk and attempted to slit her neck while the kids were present. She did this because she felt like her mother was never on her side whenever she and her husband fight, even though Dennis oftentimes physically hurt Janina.

But Corazon said that she was always on her daughter’s side before. She would always welcome Janina into her home every time an issue arises from the couple. She even accompanies Janina whenever they go to the Women’s Desk.

Tulfo said that if that’s the case, they should file a complaint against Dennis.

Tulfo called him to ask if all the allegations were true. Dennis admitted that he does hurt his wife sometimes. He reasoned that he goes home from work, tired, only to be welcomed by Janina’s loud mouth.

Tulfo told him that it should never be a reason for him to hurt his wife. He threatened Dennis that they could send him behind bars given that he actually had a verbal confession of what he did.


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Aside from him hurting his wife, he also does this in front of their children, thus subjecting them under emotional and psychological trauma. This could also be a case of child maltreatment.

Tulfo asked Dennis why he and Janina fight. He said that Janina often accuses him of womanizing. Tulfo suggested that they should undergo counseling.

He proceeded on talking to Janina who was already emotional.

Janina stated that all she wanted was for Dennis to stop hurting him, and for her mother to start being a mother she could lean on.

Janina said that her mother was lying when she told Tulfo that she accompanies her to the women’s desk or the police. She said that she only goes there alone. Aside from that, she never gets emotional support from Corazon whenever she stays at her house.

But Corazon said that Janina has a different attitude compared to what she was saying. Apart from having a fight with her husband, she also picks up a fight with her mother. And in the end, she would always go back to Dennis’ side every time they reconcile.

Corazon said that it was just an endless cycle for every one of them.

Watch what would happen next.


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