WATCH: Hindi napagbigyang pambuburaot ng tsokolate nauwi sa sakitan, dalawang mama sugatan!

Buraot is a colloquial street term in the Philippines which refer to a stingy person who often ask for food, money, or goods o another person. In every group of friends also known as barkada, there is always one person who is tagged as “buraot” since he/she is always expecting for freebies from the group.

But recently, a simple alleged “pambuburaot” turned into physical violence real quick in an encounter between one man and a 16-year-old girl in the neighborhood.

According to Facebook user Toto Argana, he was buying canned goods in a nearby sari-sari store when a 16-year-old girl asked her to buy chocolates, he immediately gave in to her “pambuburaot” but the girl is not contented with only one piece of chocolate and asked him for more.

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Toto said that when he refused to buy more, the young girl holds on to his keys to prevent him from leaving the area which led him to push the girl slightly so he could go home freely.

But things escalated quickly when all of a sudden, the young girl together with another woman stormed his house and started making a scene. The girl went violent and damaged some of their stuff at home including their water drum, monoblock chairs, and car side mirror.

Toto’s father who is just trying to meddle and calm down the situation. In the video of their encounter, the younger girl who earlier asked for chocolates could also be seen kicking the one who is taking the video.

Both Toto and his father gained injuries and wounds because of the said incident. Read the full story below:







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Source: Facebook

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