WATCH: Kapalpakan ni Station Commander at PO2, hindi nakalusot kay Bitag!

The members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) are once again in the hot seat after one police officer was caught performing a lousy job during an operation in Quezon City,

In the video submitted to the program of veteran broadcaster Ben Tulfo, a police asset and a member of Quezon City police could be seen harassing a civilian and dragging him out of his house.

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In the video, the police asset named Kenneth De Jesus is the one very aggressive during the operation while the attending officer identified as PO2 Elizardo Dorado Jr was just watching the way De Jesus handles the situation.

Because of this, Tulfo immediately called Quezon City Police District Station 4 Commander Police Supt. Rossel Cejas to inform him about the incident, he then requested to get a copy of the video for further investigation.

During the confrontation of between PO2 Dorado, Col. Cejas and the alleged suspect’s auntie, Dorado explained that De Jesus seeks his help after receiving threats from the alleged suspect.

During the operation, he called the attention of the suspect who ran inside their house, when he went back outside; he is already carrying a Samurai and aiming it at Dorado and De Jesus. Dorado explained that this led him to hold his gun and tried to negotiate with the suspect to put down his weapon.

He also revealed that the suspect’s family belittled his police ranking and even cursed him during the operation, an allegation which the auntie strongly denied.

Because of this, Cejas decided to simply relocate Dorado’s station assignment and leave the case to the fiscal. This resolution did not go well with Tulfo who lambasted both Cejas and Dorado.

Col. Cejas makinig ka, ibig sabihin balewala yung kasinungalingan ng tao mo na nilagyan ka ng ipot sa bumbunan mo at ginawa kang pendeho, ginawa kang tanga!” Tulfo said.

“Kung andyan ako dalawa kayong pag uuntugin ko ang ulo eh!” he added.

Tulfo emphasized that the video does not show that the suspect is running amok and that it clearly shows how the officer took advantage of his position to use force against the suspect.

He then invited both officers to his program and said that the video will definitely reach National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Chief Supt. Guillermo Eleazar.




Watch the full story below:




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