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In the world of employment, it always has to be a win-win situation between the employer and the employee. You apply for a job, perform your given function to contribute to the company’s growth and in return, the company will give your rightful salary and benefits in exchange for your service.

Each company has its own rules and regulations that should be followed by each employee, failure to comply with such rules may result in termination from the job.

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When you are a newbie in a company, it is your duty to know and live by the rules of the business while performing your duty as you are still under the probationary period wherein the employer would observe if you could be a key asset and team player for the company’s long-term growth.

But if you are a hard-headed employee and continuously breaking the rules, then it is just right for the company to let you go. This is the ordeal faced by a 21-year-old worker who recently seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Ben Tulfo to complain about his employer who terminated him from his job.

According to the male complainant whose name was not disclosed, he has been in the company for the past 8 months and was terminated all of a sudden.

But when he showed his termination papers, the records shows that he got terminated due to numerous violations.

First, the office CCTV footage caught him not wearing the proper uniform that is required for him to wear during office hours, he was also caught sleeping and playing computer games while on duty, and on top of that he was always staying on standby at the attendant counter and not following house rules when it comes to cleanliness.

He argued that he is not the only one doing such offenses but most of the employees as well and he just adopted their culture.

Because of this, Tulfo slammed and lecture him about honesty and the essence of following rules and regulation especially if you are still a neophyte employee.

“’Yan ang mali ng mga bagong pasok pa lang… nag-uumpisa ka palang, masama na record mo!” Tulfo said.

Tulfo added that he should learn to be an obedient employee as it is one of the keys to being successful one day, as they say being a good leader entails being a good follower as well.

The veteran broadcaster gave him words of wisdom and advised him to learn from his mistake, move on and look for another job.




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