WATCH: Mister na inireklamo ng kaniyang asawa, nakatikim ng matinding upak kay misis!

We all know for a fact that veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo is always fair when it comes to entertaining complaints on his public service program on TV and radio. He always makes it to a point hear all sides of the story and give fair judgment to both parties.

Complainants who endure the long line to let him know about the problem does not guarantee that his action will be in favor of them. Just like what happened to complainant Edgar Real who seeks the help of Tulfo to complain about his wife who is letting his ex-boyfriend and his partner live in their house making their set-up a “threesome”.

When the program called Melinda, she denied Edgar’s allegation and explained that she only let her ex and his live-in partner stay in their house temporarily while she is working abroad. But now that she is back in the Philippines for vacation, Alex and his live-in partner are now living in a different house.

She then went on to reveal that just recently, her daughter confessed to her.

Alessandra narrated that she just woke up one night and caught Edgar touching her breast, she failed to confront her step-father out of fear and just hide under her blanket and texted a friend to fetch her at home.

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On the same day, Melinda and Alessandra visited the radio studio to come face-to-face with Edgar and resolve the issue once and for all.

Upon seeing Edgar, Melinda immediately become violent and went straight to Edgar to punch him on the face.

She said that she is really planning to just forgive and forget about what happened as long as Edgar will no longer live with her children, but because Edgar turned the table to them, she is willing to push through the case.

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Watch the full story below:

Para saan ang sapak ni Misis kay Mister?

Para saan ang sapak ni Misis kay Mister?#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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