Dalawang menor de edad na naka-motorsiklo, sinita ng MMDA dahil bukod sa walang suot na helmet, may dala pang baril-barilan!

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) surveyed the vicinity of Caloocan City to check if everything is in order and to accost any violators around the premises.

The MMDA officers together with the Special Operations Task Force Head, Bong Nebrija, found two men who presented themselves as minors. They were riding a motorcycle without helmets on along EDSA Caloocan.

The two were accosted and were searched for a license, register, or even a valid ID, but the two could not show any of them.

What they have inside the compartment of the motorcycle was a seemingly real gun at first glance.

“May rehistro ka ba nitong air gun?” Nebrija asked one of the minors.

“Hindi, wala po. Ano lang po ‘yan, plastic lang po ‘yan,” the guy answered.

Some of the officers commented that it was just a plain pellet gun.

Not to accuse them of anything, but MMDA stated that there have been cases of robbery, hold-up, or any illegal activities where the perpetrators used a fake gun as a weapon to intimidate victims.

Nebrija reprimanded the two for bringing a fake gun along with them.

“Hindi niyo ginagamit sa masamang ano ‘to ha?” Nebrija speculated while holding the said gun in his hand.

“Wala po, Sir,” denied the minor.

“E bakit kayo naglalagay d’yan? Ang laruan, dapat ‘to nasa bahay,” Nebrija retorted.

The minor reasoned out that the fake gun does not belong to him but to his nephew. He said that his nephew might have put the fake gun inside the compartment of the motorcycle because it has no key lock or whatsoever so it is easily accessible to anyone.

Because of this, their case was not a simple traffic violation anymore since there was a fake gun confiscated.

Despite their explanations, the two minors were still brought to the Caloocan Police station for further investigation and would be turned over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) if the two would be confirmed as legitimate minors.

This incident is a reminder to everyone to always keep in mind the safety of oneself during road trips. If a motorcycle driver, never forget to wear a helmet and any other protection gear to avoid injuries in case an accident occured. The same way as car drivers and passengers are encouraged to wear seat belts.

As much as possible, avoid having back rides on a motorcycle.

Another important thing to remember is avoid bring suspicious items, such as fake guns. Instead, always have your license and valid IDs with you.


Source: Youtube

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