Kasalan naudlot sampung araw bago ang itinakdang petsa ng kasal! Groom, nagpasaklolo kay Raffy Tulfo!

Marriage is a sacred ceremony between two people who wanted to spend the rest of their lives loving and taking care of each other. But nowadays, getting married is no longer fairytale as is associates a certain amount of money for the ceremony, reception, outfit, and other logistics a wedding requires.

Before getting married, the couple should sit down and discuss what they want their wedding day to become and consider the budget they have in hand. But unfortunately, money will always be the root of all evil and could be the reason to ruin any relationship.

Just like what happened to this couple who is scheduled to get married soon enough that they already distributed the wedding invitations and most of their relatives already bought a plane ticket to their wedding destination.

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However, the special day that is supposed to happen in Zamboanga City was put on hold due to some financial and emotional matter.

The groom-to-be Jim Paul Tan seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in order to settle things with his fiancé Claire Villavieja who is all the way from Zamboanga.

Having a long-distance relationship, Jim and Claire, later on, encountered a problem due to their lack of time with each other. On top of that is the fact that they are short of budget for the wedding.

When asked if she wants to continue the wedding, Claire declined and recalled an incident back in 2017 where there was a lady named Carla claiming that she was pregnant and Jim is the father of the child.

When Tulfo asked if they will push through the wedding if someone would shoulder the P17,000 short from budget, Claire still declined and added that she and her family was emotionally stressed already due to their supposed wedding.

Jim accepted Claire’s decision to call the wedding off but demanded his money amounting to P83, 000 that supposed to be for all wedding needs to be returned.

He made it clear that he is rushing to get the money back since some of their relatives already bought a plane ticket to Manila in order to attend their wedding, Jim is willing to shoulder all the money their family and relatives spent.

In the end, the ex-lovers agreed to settle the money, lead separate ways, and forget about the wedding.





Watch their heartbreaking story below:


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