Nanay, gusto nang bawiin ang anak mula sa biyenan niya na nag-aruga sa bata

Rusela Mara resorted to the public service program of Raffy Tulfo to ask for help in retrieving back her child from the parents of her former live-in partner.

Rusela said that her child is only 6 years old to which Tulfo responded that the child’s custody should really be hers. According to the law, the custody of children below 7 years old should automatically be given to the mother, given that she is capable of raising the child.

According to Rusela, ever since she and her live-in partner separated, she never got her child back. The child uses her surname.

Tulfo called Luzviminda Zendon, Rusela’s mother-in-law, who’s currently in Bulacan to tell her to give the child back to the mother.

According to Luzviminda, Rusela already retrieved the child from them five times, only to return it to them five times as well. Every time Rusela returns the child under the care of Luzviminda, the child is not in a good condition.

Rusela said that it was not true. She only did it once.

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They had an agreement that every Monday to Friday, the child would be under the care of Luzviminda, and every weekend, the child will go to Rusela and her mother.

She wanted her child to be under her care and custody for good.

Tulfo said that they would definitely help Rusela to immediately get her child back.

But Rusela said that how are they going to do it since she is working. Tulfo said that they are willing to adjust for her time. Rusela reasoned out that her work is from Monday to Friday and even asked if her mother could just be the one to get the child in behalf of her.

Tulfo asked her if she’s really serious in getting her child back because if she is, she would make time for it.

Luzviminda still disagreed saying that Rusela only wants her child every time the child looks healthy.

Tulfo called PO2 Fatima Perez of the PNP Women and Children’s Desk to ask for assistance. PO2 Perez went on explaining the law that they should abide regarding the child’s custody.

Rusela together with the team of Tulfo’s program, PNP, and MSWDO, went to the house of Luzviminda to retrieve the child.

Luzviminda became very emotional. She said that she was responsible for raising the child, providing its needs, and the child’s hospitalization every time something bad happens to his health.

To ease the heavy emotions of Luzviminda, the workers of MSWDO suggested that she should come to their office to make an agreement so she could still visit her grandson.

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