PANOORIN: Kakaibang paraan ng pagmamasahe!

One of the most admirable traits of the Filipinos is probably their sense of humor. We always try to find a way to amuse and distract ourselves from the stress that our daily lives bring to us.


From a hard day’s work, all we want is to relax and rest. And probably, get some massage from the nearby masseur. This is what a woman did, but instead of being peacefully relaxed, she could not contain herself from laughing.

A video is currently going viral on social media because of what this certain masseur did to the woman.

A Facebook user named Adrian Iso captured the whole scenario where a man was giving an unusual massage to his customer.

To be quite honest, the man will work better as a comedian than as a masseur. The audience of his little act were very much entertain.

At first, it looked like he was really trying to massage the woman legitimately, starting from her hands and fingers.

But then he proceeded on doing some couple of tricks such as throwing his bottle of alcohol up high and catching it with his one hand before putting some on his palm and spreading it to the body of his customer.

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Another funny trick he did was picking his customer’s legs using his own legs.

Instead of being relaxed, the woman actually looked more stressed about what was happening but she was visibly still enjoying the unusual massage.

Another thing to notice about the video is the face of the masseur himself. His face looked so flat and emotionless, as if he really was serious about what he was doing. This makes the video even more hilarious than what it is.

The man’s movements were also very fast, suggesting that he might actually be a legitimate street masseur.

He really has a lot of antics in his massaging performance. After massaging the feet of his customer, he even smelled his hands. The customer playfully hit him because of this.

After massaging the woman’s legs, he proceeded on her back area, neck, and head.

This is where it gets even funnier. As he was massaging the customer’s head from behind, he pulled up the woman’s nose upwards, making the woman cover her nose afterwards.

Another unexpected thing that the man did was to hold onto the woman’s hair and shake it back and forth, even turning it clockwise and counterclockwise.

After the massaging session, the customer said, “Tapos na ‘yon? O uwi na!”

The netizens really find the video funny. Some even thought of going to that masseur to experience his unusual massage.

Watch the full video:

siguro masarap mag pamasahe dito kay kuya!!!!Credit to the onwer

Posted by Boyti White-t on Tuesday, September 4, 2018

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