Driver huli sa aktong pilit na inaabot ang P100 sa MMDA enforcer imbes na ibigay ang lisensya!

Amicable settlement or popularly known as “areglo” is a very common term in the Philippines especially if you are dealing with corrupt traffic enforcers roaming in the middle of the busy streets of Metro Manila and waiting for traffic violators.

Sadly, we can’t deny the fact that bribing traffic enforcers to get away from a traffic violation is already a common thing in the Philippines; it has been part of our culture for the convenience of both the violator and the enforcer.

But the new leadership of Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is now trying to wipe out that image and working on eliminating corrupt enforcers to gain back the respect of the Filipino people to the authorities. But sadly, some Filipinos are still at it and think that they can easily bribe everyone away.

Just like this bribery attempt caught on camera by a certain MMDA enforcer who flagged down a driver in Quezon City for violating the number coding scheme.

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When the officers requested to see his license so they could get his details and issue him a violation ticket, instead of surrendering his driver’s license the driver handed a one hundred peso bill to the enforcer, a clear bribery attempt which was caught on the MMDA enforcer’s video camera.

The irked MMDA enforcer told the driver that his bribery attempt is against the law and said: “Bribery ‘yang ginagawa mo ‘wag mo naman kami maliitin.”

In an interview with GMA News, the driver said he is not attempting to bribe the enforcers but only gave them a few bucks for “coffee break”, but later on, he also admitted handing the said amount of money so he can easily get away with his violation and escape the clearing operation scene.

In the end, the MMDA still issued a violation ticket to the driver but MMDA Spokesperson Celine Pialago said that they will also file a case against the driver for violating the Revised Penal Code section “for attempting to corrupt a public government official”.

Meanwhile, in a separate video posted by Facebook page Gadget Addict, another traffic violator shows how he willingly surrendered his driver’s license to the MMDA enforcers who flagged him down for entering a one-way road in Cabanatuan.

“I took a wrong turn on one-way so he is giving me a ticket so this is the way you guys should do it; if you’re wrong, just accept that you are wrong, take the ticket and go and learn from your mistake,” the driver said.

“Just cooperate with these guys because they are here day and night, it’s hot and smoky, these guys are just doing their jobs, don’t give them a hard time,” he added.





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